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Planet Calypso Player Invests $330K for Space Station | The Metaverse Tribune
Saturday, October 19th, 2019
Planet Calypso Player Invests $330K for Space Station

by Skylar Smythe
Published January 3, 2010

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Investment in Virtual Real Estate for "The Crystal Palace"

Investment in Virtual Real Estate for "The Crystal Palace"

Yes.  That is $330,000.00 in actual dollars for the right to own one of the most detailed space station builds in a virtual platform.  The purchase was made by investor/gamer “Buzz Erik Lightyear” this week inside the “Planet Calypso™” environment, formerly known as “Entropia”.

In a page taken from “Life Styles of the Rich and Famous ®”, what kind of luxury does $330,000 purchase you in a virtual world?

The prime real estate “The Crystal Palace” was constructed in 2004 and is one of two space stations inside Planet Calpyso.  The mega build  features multiple docking ports for spaceships and boasts four bio-domes where visitors can interact with various species of aliens.

Revenue is generated for the owner of the “CP” in a variety of ways with built in tariffs on sales of goods and services offered to players while visiting, including built in pilot fees for docking or refurbishing of necessary supplies (trade terminals).   While mining raw resources is not possible on the space station, the four bio-domes are stocked with some of the most challenging and difficult alien mobs, boasting the highest HP (hit points) in the game.

The highly coveted “kills” (located exclusively on this space station) also drop some of the most valuable loot and items in the entire game, thus making “The Crystal Palace” a prime draw for players who form groups to take down the alien bosses that are impossible to take down as a solo player.   Brilliant when you consider that any increased multiplayer action and traffic to the station nets more revenue for it’s new owner.  Each trip to the station will cost a player real world dollars contributing to the thriving economy of the MMORPG.

As a primary hub for Hunting and social engagement in-game, there is no doubt that the entrepeneur will see a robust return on his investment.

For a glance inside the world of “Planet Calypso™” check out the excellent machinima The Crystal Palace

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