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Second Life Fashion Foreword 2010

by Metaverse Press
Published January 16, 2010

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Allow me to preface this by saying: I’m no fashionista by any means.  Sure I work for one of the most successful fashion conglomerates on the Second Life™ grid. That still doesn’t make me immune to hearing, “Eve…oh honey noooo!” in voice before I’ve even had a chance to rezz.

My job, fortunately, does not require me to have the ability to dress myself.  If this knowledge hasn’t scared you off yet then let’s get started.

Bald bases.  Ladies, you now have that option with a few skin designers. Two off the top of my head are LAQ and LeLutka.  Why would I want a bald base you ask?  To be able to wear hair that utilizes bald bases of course! Creators like MADesign, LeLutka, and BooN make use of these wonderful, versatile skins, giving you a gorgeous sleek look.

This year it appears designers are stepping it up a notch with Haute Couture. Soft and flowing to extreme new designs from the creators behind brands such as Milk Motion, Ohmai, and LeLutka are turning out stunning sculpted and refined looks. Not for the faint of heart, prim adjustment on some of these outfits can be a challenge to users not used to customizing their clothing. But it is well worth it!

In the opposite direction one will find the glorious rise of Kitsch. Non traditional SL skins coming from Tres Blah, tights, trainers, and mood lighting coming from creators haunting sims like Starlust, Festivale, and Tableau. Some of my favorite designers being !lamb and Clawtooth for hair, Tres Blah for skins, Doppelganger, and This is a Fawn, and Artilleri for clothes. I have also noticed a rise in furniture items available. For one to keep up to date on the home front I recommend the Blah to Wah blog.  Click here.

This year more designers are coming together. Noteably Designers United. Creators get together and hold an exposition; their items all based on a theme. I highly recommend subscribing or keeping an eye on the blogs to see what’s next! There is also Fifty Linden Fridays, which isn’t a hunt. You can subscribe to any designer on the list or simply join the group and every Friday you get a nifty notecard with all of the landmarks and the sale item is generally right at the front of the store. It’s the perfect way to snag a sweet deal.

Fashion Tips:

  • Go on hunts. For the impatient and greedy these can really suck but hunts are the perfect opportunity to explore new stores and interesting sims. The whole point is to see what’s out there.
  • Subscribe-o-matics are your friend! They don’t take up a group spot, you can always unsubscribe, and some designers like Tiny Bird and Clawtooth send you new demos when their yummy newness is released. They SAVE you a trip to the store! Do it!
  • Speaking of demos. Demos, demos, demos! Just get them. They’re usually free or 1L (the best ones are free) *cough*. When I go to a hair store for the first time I get one of everything. That’s right…everything. It has often surprised me when I see a hair on a vendor and I think, ‘Meh.’ and then I try it on and it’s WOW. You just never know.
  • Go to fashion shows. They’re fun! You get to be kinda hoity toity and who doesn’t enjoy that? On a more serious note. SL fashion shows are an excellent way to see new stuff before it’s released. Sometimes there are gifts available to guests and you have an opportunity to meet the designer. Wootski indeed. You can have access to shows by checking with modeling agencies who may have a schedule out or joining groups such as KMADD, which will be running shows monthly in order to showcase new designs.
  • Read blogs. Your best bet for being wise to all things fashion would be to keep your peepers on The Fashion Feed of SL ( Hundreds of amazing blogs, and one sucky one. *wink* One particular blog I like to follow: The MAD Image blog for amazing ladies fashion and creative looks for men.  The stylists are kind enough to post the names of the items and the designer to make things easy for you to find.

In 2010 remember that you make you.  This metaverse makes it so that you can be and do anything!  Explore, try new things, and above all be true to yourself.  In the words of my dear friend and mentor Maddox DuPont: Live your dreams.

Fashion Slideshow by Eve Petlyakov hosted by Flickr.  Click here to view.  Fashion Foreword Guest Post provided by Eve Petyakov of KMADD Enterprise.
  • Maks

    two thumbs down.

  • Skylar Smythe

    Great article Eve! The slide show is very artistic and original. Thank you for guest writing for The Tribune as our fashion expert.

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