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Vetox Previews Simball in Second Life | The Metaverse Tribune
Monday, July 13th, 2020
Vetox Previews Simball in Second Life

by Skylar Smythe
Published November 18, 2010

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On the tail of the popular GOHA (Global Online Hockey Association) league in Second Life™ comes an exciting new sport currently in Beta testing.

Simball combines the elements of several sports into one exciting game play.  It features the speed of hockey with many features of soccer.

What is particularly interesting about Simball is it’s dynamic sports field.  Unlike soccer and hockey, Simball is played on the vertical and the horizontal axis with goals featured high on the walls of the field.   From a spectators perspective this makes the game very fast paced and interesting to watch as players are required to demonstrate their skill not only attempting to make goals but manipulating their Simboard in a challenging way up the walls and around obstacles.

For those of you who have tried Simboarding (similar to snowboarding) in Second Life you know it’s no easy task to manage your balance and direction on the board with accuracy.  The sport currently features three unique game boards with built in special “powers and features” in each board such as simulated energy (think of this similar to a nitro-boost) which charges at random intervals to give players a brief but exciting competitive advantage.

A complete game-play guide is available below.  Regulation rules are planned as well as prizes for competitors.  Pre-set boards will also be available for use outside of scheduled events.

I was awarded a sneak peak of the stadium and the build is incredible.  The “Vetox Project” was started back in 2005 and the Vetox shop is located at VSM and at Andromeda Media Group in world.  The lead design and project manager is Sean Martin resident of Second Life since 2005.

The development team for the “Vetox Project” is KrackManiac Robonaught (Sculpter/Bake/Beta Tester) and RobsterRawb Jaxxon (Sculpter/Bake/Texture/Beta tester).  VSN is also managed by Cyphien Heart who is responsible for Marketing and PR, as well as organizing the FS Simboarding community.

Beta events are scheduled for November 2010 with the expected release date to be in December.  For more information contact Sean Martin in Second Life.


Game Objectives

The game has a standard Red vs Blue team. Currently three people per team but this may raise eventually. The objective is to gain more goals than the other team before the time runs out. (Although for beta we have a set goal of 10 and first to reach this wins.)

When the game starts, a ball will show at random in one of three ‘feeders’ located along the center of the arena.  The boarders race to the feeder in an type of quick sprint race.
Once a player has the ball, their objective is to get it into the opponents goal without hitting pegs (which take the ball out of play) in the arena, or getting the ball taken by an opponent.


There are currently 3 boards. Each as a special power and abilities unique to that type of board. These powers work from simulated energy within the board. Shown in a small white meter on back.  Each board has a Generator that charges energy over time. In the info below is an indication of how fast these boards generate energy over time, and how fast the boards travel in relation to each other.

CS Kinetic

Info: Has energy based speed. The more energy you have the faster you can go. Alternatively you may also transfer your energy to nearby players and play the role of support/healer. Ideally for your own teammates as you will send that power outwards to any player nearby, friend or foe. All powers work this way so timing and communication is part of the strategy for teams.

Power – Recharges all nearby players with energy.
Special - Speed and Warps are based on current amount of energy.
Speed - x2 + Current Energy
Generator - x3
CS Tesla

Info: The role of this board can be both offense and defense. Your able to freeze others if your energy is full. It’s speed is mid ranged so your able to keep up well enough in the field with a little prediction of where a faster opponents board, like the Kinetic, might be going.

Power - EMP blast will attempt a freeze on nearby players. This will also drain their energy.
Special – N/A (No specials.)
Speed - x2
Generator - x2
CS Onyx

Info: The Onyx is a slower board with an immunity to other powers. It also has a sonic ‘push’ to keep faster boards off it’s back for a few seconds. Which may be all that’s needed to score a goal or have a teammate pick up the ball for a goal attempt. This push ability can also be used on your own teammates to boost them into the air. For example as a 2 point goal attempt which is higher up along the opponents wall.

Power - Sonic blast to push nearby players away. Useful to keep others from taking the ball.
Special - NOT effected by EMP
Speed - x1
Generator - x2
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