Breedable Animals Coming To Minecraft

by Metacam Oh
Published September 26, 2011

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If you thought the crazy block-breaking game from Markus “Notch” Persson couldn’t get any better, think again. Notch nonchalantly announced from his Twitter account that Minecraft Beta release 1.9 will have breeding animals. He released the picture you see above and gave insight to how breeding may work.

If you hold food in your hand, they follow you around. If you feed them, they enter “love mode”. Two animals in love mode = babies.

The Mojang team is still hard at work, and are also making plans for their very own Minecraft conference called MineCon. MineCon 2011 starts Friday, November 18th, in Las Vegas, and should experience a large showing with over 14 million registered users for the game before it has even left beta. For you hardcore players, if you attend, you will receive a very special in game item, a cloak, and Minecraft is asking for your help with deciding upon the final design. Click here for a full schedule of events for MineCon.

Minecraft has sold over 3.6 million copies, and will become available on Android, iPads and XBox 360 in the near future.

UPDATE: Just after this article, Minecraft released a video of the pocket edition for Android to be released on Thursday, September 29th.


  • Dousa Dragonash

    So it is still true… the way to a male’s heart is through his stomach?

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