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Editorial: Mystickal Tymes

by Stary Dreamscape
Published December 5, 2011

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Ever wondered what Paganism is all about? Wanted to get some more information but unsure where?  Well, let me try to answer some of your questions.

Mystickal Tymes is a bunch of Sims that cater to Pagan’s and those wishing to find out more information of this fast growing religion can follow the link.

I know that religion doesn’t play much of a part in every day Second life any many people sometimes find it a bit of a controversial point, but I think all sides in Second life should be explored.

Even if you are not interested in Paganism or finding out more about it, Mystickal Tymes is still a good place to explore.

With one of Second Life’s biggest castles, you could easily spend more time here than any others.I spent almost 2 days just exploring the castle and I still do not think I have explored it all.

There are so many rooms and sections of the castle that I had a hard job deciding which where the most important things to mention in my report.

When I first landed on my first visit, I was inside the castle in front of a teleportation pad, you can travel anywhere within the sim from this location. If you are interested in learning about Paganism and the practices that go along side it, I suggest you take the TP to the Knowledge base, from there you can check out all the classes and class rooms and pick up a few things along the way.

Once again, this sim has a balloon ride that will take you on a scenic tour of all 3 sims, you can get a good look at the place from this view point, although it does take a while to complete, I do suggest you head for it so you can pick out the places that look the most interesting to you.

You will notice on the tour a lot of different altars all with a different look. I headed toward the biggest next to the start of the tour. It is a wondrous site and I do like to point out, not only is it a nice place for a Pagan to visit, but even if you are just visiting for the fun, this a very relaxing area.

Not far from the altar is a small chapel like building which again is very nice and relaxing, but instead of the usual cross, there is a pentagram. A little walk away, just underneath the castle and through a long tunnel, is Pan’s Labyrinth, the sims club house, once again, just somewhere nice to sit and chill out.

If you are not into the whole religious side of things, they have a very big castle to explore, a movie theater, a lovely heated pool on the roof terrace of the castle as well as Ti Chi on a balcony of the castle.

Just on the outside of the castle (if you follow it around), you will find a large ice rink with a skating polar bear and a couple of small kids skating around.

If you have lost a loved one, you can also light a candle in their memory.

The place also lets out residential spaces in the castle, in the Mystickal Forest and in their sky village. Prices will vary on the location and the number of prims available, but it is worth taking a look if you are in the market for a new place to live.

They do have an online site which is mainly an online store, but they also have a wonderful Youtube vid which is located here



  • Airaoch Macbeth

    thank you so much nthis was a wonderful articlen…hope to see you readers on the estate soon n

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