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2011 Edublog Awards Nominations

by Skylar Smythe
Published December 9, 2011

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In 2004 the Edublog Awards community was founded in reaction to actions by schools, educational governance and institutions who began a trend of blocking teacher and learner interactive blogs sites.  The Edublog Awards was created to demonstrate the intrisic value and utility of blogs for eduational purposes and to acknowledge innovative websites and blogs that were applying new social media technologies to further aggregate learning on the web.  Not only do the sites provide information but they create inspiration by example which is perhaps where the Edublog Awards are the most influential.  It is one thing to advocate for the value of online education and the power of social media tools but it is far more effective to showcase how those tools can be placed into action and achieve tangible results.

Edublog offers hosting, supports and customized blogging platforms to enable teachers to implement student blogging into their curriculum.  The templates provided are screened for use in academic environments (no adult content) and provide security provisions adhering to confidentiality protocols and privacy and safety laws.   Educational blogs hosted with Edublog are not monetized in any manner and are afforably priced from $3 per month for up to fifty student blogs.

From the hundreds of nominations from the edublogsphere, the panel individually investigated each nomination and short listed the sites by careful selection.   The 2011 Edublog Awards nominations are selected by vote and are listed on the site in Google Docs by the following categories:

Second Life residents who have been nominated include GridJumper and Virtual Round Table and the hashtag #SLpeeps has also been recognized for contributions in 2011.   A nod to the hard working and passionate organizations that continue to use the virtual world of Second Life as a three dimensional platform for collaboration and education.

Voting for the awards will take place until 11:59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on December 13th, 2011.  To register your votes for your favourite education sites and contributors click here. You can vote in as many categories as you wish however only one vote per nominee will be accepted per IP address.

The Edublog Awards Ceremony will take place on Wednesday December 14th during which time the winners will be announced.

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