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Metaverse Music Expo Feb. 22-26

by Netera Landar
Published December 18, 2011

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The Second Metaverse Music Expo is set to hit the grid on Feb. 22-26. Registration is already open and they do keep a waiting list. The location will be announced in January so be watching for it. Set building has already begun and it’s exceptional in detail. The non-profit organization is not associated with venue owners, musicians, managers or hostesses. It is intended to be a vehicle specifically designed for musicians to promote themselves in a non-competitive manner.

Fine-tuning the details of the event are lead organizers Lillith Siamendes and Sammie Benior, builders Jimmi Rubble, Chantelle Menges and Jeff Hickman. All have known each other for years and together make a strong team.

“We currently have 80 time slots for 30 minute sample sets. We’re not trying to compete with venues,” explained Siamendes in front of an impressive stage, a work-in-progress, yet already highly detailed and interactive. “We provide a sample booth that includes posters, links to their website, a gift giver and a group joiner. We also allow five to ten prims to put out any freebies they have.”

Last year, stage one was at the University of Western Australia; Seagull Islands hosted stage two and the expo was featured at Aero Pines. All sponsors of the last event. It’s interesting to note that the Linden’s offered their support by giving the expo the “message of the day” throughout the entire event. They also listed it on the destination guide and Blondin Linden presented the community awards.

“The central idea is we want to provide them with information, such as managers that do this, where to buy a guitar and someone who can do an article for them,” explained Siamendes. “We’re trying to bring together the music industry as a whole, not solely focus on one particular area. That’s the essence of it.”

The idea originated during a game of Greedy with Pmann Sands. He wanted to perform for a small group. The suggestion of a fall barn party eventually evolved into an expo to be conducted in good spirit.

The actual time slot placement begins in January. Those who wish to get involved may send a notecard to Siamendes. Over 40 musicians have registered and it should cap at 80. The team proudly announces that it is supporting Alex’s Lemonade Stand.

“We don’t want traffic to be static. We’d like people rezzing in and out to see the artists,” she said. “And we won’t have booth space for everyone, but we will have posters, special builds and billboards.”

For the expo organizers and crew this is a labor of love and it’s appreciated by those who attend it. Siamendes received a special note from a woman who attended the expo last year. She explained that she couldn’t do this in real life, that they had given her the ability to go to a concert. She said it was the warm and fuzzy feelings that count the most.

“The expo has a good spirit,” Siamendes said. “It isn’t so connected to me or the others. It can go on without us.”

Be sure to attend the expo and support its mission. This is a wonderful opportunity to hear artists you may not have heard before. A beautiful gift will be given to the musicians. I’m so jealous.



  • Reyreyclawtooth

    An excellent endevor, and worthwhile, its hard enough for SL musicians to get started in this place. I support your efforts completely.nnReyrey ClawtoothnLuthier, R&R Guitars

  • Janice Mills

    Thank you to all the metaverse expo team for your great work!!u00a0 It’s always a big pleasure to be a part of this amazing event… Looking forward to next year’s expo. All the best for you all and a big hug. :) )

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