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Elven Migration: Part One, “InWorldz” | The Metaverse Tribune
Sunday, April 21st, 2019
Editorial: Elven Migration: Part One, “InWorldz”

by Netera Landar
Published January 26, 2012

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The migration of the Elven community from Second Life to InWorldz made a major statement. A significant population can kiss a virtual world goodbye and set down roots in another. This is the case of the Elf Clan. It began with the axing of a reduced rate for educational sims.

Granted a meeting with the Elven Elder, Wayfinder Wishbringer, we settle in the market area near ElvenSong Castle, one of the earliest builds transported from Second Life. Beside me in full Elven splender is Wayfinder. Over to the west is the Crystal Palace, some 2,000 prims and one-quarter of the sim. It will be the future location of the Elf Clan Museum, but for now it’s where Grand Balls are held.

“Elf Clan set up its first sim here on May 1, 2010,” explains Wayfinder as he stands tall and proud in his Elven garb. “The primary reason we came to InWorldz was because of the infamous OpenSpace Sim fiasco. Linden Lab is actually to thank for that. When they pulled the OpenSpace sim pricing stunt and we lost several thousands of dollars in investments on their grid, we started looking for a more trustworthy and less expensive alternative. I knew the folks from InWorldz and found out they’d been doing their own internal development work.”

At the time, they were about the only grid that supported groups, Wayfinder said, adding that their focus and functions on groups attracted the Elf Clan to this location, as well as their low prices and powerful building tools.

“If the Elf Clan is anything, we are a very creative group,” he stated. “So for us, building tools are very important. InWorldz offered us 45,000 prims, at the time, $75 a month. That, along with their full megaprim allowance, was very attractive. Plus, I knew the owners from prior acquaintance and trusted them to keep their word. After our experience with Linden Lab, a company keeping its word was very important to us.”

Wayfinder noted that he didn’t mean to slam Linden Lab, it was just a bitter experience that had widespread and lasting consequences.

“Elf Clan was on SL for exactly seven years,” he stated. “And at that time I estimate as a group we spent some $50,000. Not only do we have nothing to show for it, in that entire time we didn’t even get so much as a ‘thank you for your business.’ That shows some serious deep core company attitude issues. We had eight sims at one time. Plus all the investment in populating those sims. Uploading textures, sounds and animations alone is a major investment.”

Wayfinder added that Elf Clan had 2,000 members on SL. Collectively, their investment was immense. Currently there are 1,800 Elf Clan members on SL, but the group itself is inactive there. The migration saw 413 members to the new territory, which Wayfinder says is a pretty good size for a fantasy theme group.

The Elf Clan has a major event coming up: The First Annual Elf Clan Fantasy Art Fest will focus on the beauty and creativity of the fantasy realm. The festival is hosted by the Elf Clan and coordinated by Jeri Rahja. Artists were given to Jan. 15 to fill out their applications and register. Thirty-one completed applications will be allocated plots, plus there are four water plots. By Jan. 16, plots were assigned and tags given. The artists have to Feb. 3 to complete their building. Each plot is 25×25 with an allotment of 500 prims.

According to Rahja, the fantasy art fest creation begins on Monday, Jan. 16 and the ends Feb. 3. It is a juried art fest. All tips gathered will be awarded to the artists at the end of the event on or before Feb. 11.  The main fest begins Feb. 3 with music and dancing to celebrate the beautiful art creations. Each artist is a winner, as all artists will be awarded proceeds from the gathered monies. There are two first prizes: one for the experienced artists and one for the novice. Also, two second artists, the same as above.

The following is a list of those participating: Esabow Yakubu, Zauber Paracelsus, Scrap Godenot, Ferrator Montoya, Alizarin Goldflake, Juanita Deharo, Leanna Caerndow. Old Hess, Safar Fiertze, CataPlexia Numbers, Nickola Martynov, Micheil Merlin, Julia Harthor, Rig Torok, Ub Yifu, La Toymaker, Raven Callisto, Moontan Valeva, Wizzy Gynoid, Strand Starsider, Latara Vyper, Soror Nishi, Alix Walpole and Kaine Lowenstark.

The judges include: Quadrapop Tree, Jayjay  Zifanwe and Velazquez Bonetto. Sunbeam Magic is the Head of Music and the Venue. Chairperson  of the Fantasy Art Fest is Jeri Rahja; co-chairperson is Snoots Dwagon. IWZ Dreamz & Visionz PR/Media include  Nazz Lane / Briawinde Magic. Blue Starsider is responsible for the graphics.

It is now time for the tour.

End Part One



  • Stjarna Szondi

    Thank you Bluedivarose.nnI had no idea that it was possible for a commenter to do that. No worries. We will see if the editors will fix it.nnStjarna

  • Stjarna Szondi
  • Stjarna Szondi
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  • Stjarna Szondi
  • Stjarna Szondi
  • Stjarna Szondi
  • Stjarna Szondi
  • http://profile.yahoo.com/7HXEEMD5VY7WLHZ2VAH6MW44LI Kermie

    Okay, time to take the gloves off and get out Mean Golem’s Wham Hammer.nnStjarna, in what way does your post have anything to do with the theme of this blogsite… which is the migration of a large group from SL to Inworldz?u00a0 nnYou were wrong to come here and publicly air your dirty laundry on this blogsite, as you were wrong in doing so on Inworldz and originally on the Elf Clan blogsite.u00a0 nnThe very definition of “trolling” is (as you’ve been repeatedly informed): “someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion. “u00a0 So when you have been accused of “trolling” Stjarna– by multiple people on multiple blogsites no less– this is exactly what folks are talking about.nnTo clearly establish matters:u00a0 At the time you applied for an Elf Clan region we had not yet made the decision to allow science fiction, steampunk or post-apocalyptic themes at ground level.u00a0 That is a fairly recent decision.u00a0 Even when we did decide to expand our genres, the Charter clearly states that such genres are *still* required to conform to the existing rules of the Elf Clan Charter (which is NO NUDITY, NO RELIGION, NO POLITICS, G-RATED, FAMILY FRIENDLY, NO DRAMA etc etc)… as you have been told time and time again.nnSuch things are not merely non-theme, they are *divisive*… as you have VERY aptly proved by your conduct. Elf Clan is ordinarily a harmonious and peaceful group. That is why we prohibit such divisive subjects. “There are three things you don’t discuss in polite company: sex, religion, politics.” Are you unaware of that well-known statement or the wisdom contained therein?nnYour personal opinion regarding the Elf Clan Charter is irrelevant.u00a0 Your personal interpretation of the *intent* behind the Charter is irrelevant.u00a0 Your opinion is nothing more than your opinion, even if someone else agrees with you.u00a0 Fact of life:u00a0 two people with the same mistaken idea do not make them right.u00a0 It just means two people are mistaken instead of one.nnYou agreed, in advance of purchasing your sim, to follow the Elf Clan Charter.u00a0 Once you sign the contract Stjarna, it’s too late to make an excuse you didn’t actually read it… especially when you’ve already stated you did.u00a0 You certainly cannot blame Elf Clan because we took you at your word.nnRegardless of your *opinions* of Elf Clan’s foundation or basis, our group existed long before you joined.u00a0 We do not change our group policies to the whims of individuals; you adapt to group policies (at least when you’re on our lands).u00a0 That’s how most groups operate.u00a0 If you can’t handle that… DON’T. JOIN. THE. GROUP. For a certainty, don’t buy a sim without reading the group rules… thoroughly. Nobody twisted your arm to do anything, and we certainly didn’t misrepresent our policies. nnOur rules are neither extensive nor excessive.u00a0 They’re basically one page of visitor guidelines and are easy to understand.u00a0 They’re written very clearly.u00a0 I myself would not wish to publicly admit I couldn’t read or understand such simplistic rules.u00a0 A third-grader could read and understand them.nnLet me be plain:u00a0 I really don’t give a rat’s hiney about your personal opinion that Elf Clan is a covert Christian group, that you believe it’s associated with particular Christian philosophy, etc etc ad nauseum.u00a0 Your paranoia about such is just that– paranoia. Our Charter states NO RELIGION, period.u00a0 Any opinions that you… or anyone else… has to the contrary is quite plainly a figment of your imagination.u00a0 We are an ELVEN FANTASY group.u00a0 Secular politics and religion have *no place in this group*, regardless of your personal whims and opinions.u00a0 That’s it, bottom line.u00a0 I can’t get any more clear than that.nnI mean I’m sorry, but duh.u00a0 Forgive me for not being PC, but at this time I’m thoroughly fed up with your attitude and drama/whining.u00a0 You are way out of line and have been since you posted your first offensive anti-religious hate-comment on the Elf Clan blogsite.u00a0 You were out of line when, banned from further posting, you took the same drivel to the Inworldz forums.u00a0 You were out of line when, that thread being deleted by the Founders of that grid, you brought the same whining nonsense here.u00a0 You were wrong when you brought your personal land and policies issues and attitudes to this blog.u00a0 They have nothing to do with groups exiting SL to join Inworldz.u00a0 *You are trolling*.nnI don’t care whether you’re a Christian, pagan, Druid, Sun worshiper, Satanist, Buddhist, Muslim or consider Mickey Mouse a deity, “No Religion” means no religion, no religious trappings, no religious practices.u00a0 No politics means NO POLITICS, no flags, no national emblems, no secular political projects, no political parties, no nations, no countries, *nothing*… no matter what your personal whims or desires.u00a0 No nudity means *no avatar nudity*, period.u00a0 There is no exception for fae just because you personally want to be totally nude. All of our sims are *PG* and our group itself publicly advertised “Web-G-rated” and family-friendly.u00a0 We always have been, long before you even knew Elf Clan existed.nnIt frankly doesn’t matter what the Charter says; you don’t listen to rules when you’re told straight to your face. You keep insisting on your own way, your opinion, and attempting to force your opinion and imagined intent on our *Elven Fantasy* group.u00a0 Good lord lady, get a flippin’ clue.nnPoints made yet?nn– Wayfinder WishbringernFounder of Elf ClannAuthor of the Elf Clan Charter

  • Stjarna Szondi
  • Stjarna Szondi

    Wishbringer writes, “Stjarna, in what way does your post have anything to do with the theme of this blogsite… which is the migration of a large groupu00a0from SL to Inworldz?”nnAs I quoted, this is a response to a point that you made and subsequently riled that I did not respond.u00a0nnIs it true that no one can ever win with you, because you are always right?nnYour post definitely passes muster as another word juggernaut, taking on the proportions of a giant troll.u00a0nnConsidering the detail of your earlier gloating over my lack of response to your points, I must wonder if these vast word juggernauts are an example of real Trolling, as you in effect seek to stir up strife by pushing others to respond and then attacking them.nnThere appears to be no desire for truth or peace on your part. Compliance to rules ~ yes. Fear of what will happen if a rule is broken ~ yes.nnThis behaviour is so much like fundamentalist Christianity.nnYour comment may have the form of a giant Troll word juggernaut, but its real nature is a smoke screen, to hide the truth and divert attention away from heart of the matter.nnIt may also be noted that the topic is about Elf Clan migration from Second Life to InWorldz. We were members of Elf Clan at the time. Our experience of responding to the call to invest in a region with Elf Clan in InWorldz is then, highly relevant.nnIf you cannot see those connections, then the reader may wonder how blind you really are to basic realities.nnStjarnan

  • Stjarna Szondi
  • http://profile.yahoo.com/7HXEEMD5VY7WLHZ2VAH6MW44LI Kermie

    Wow. Pardon me for saying so but… you’re a loon.nnI would reply to your post at length, but it’s extremely obvious at this point such would be vain. You do not have nor ever have had any interest in resolving issues; you just enjoy the drama. You’re throwing a tantrum Stjarna, plain and simple, and you’re throwing it anywhere you think people might read and sympathize with poor little you. nnIt’s evident you get a high off the “power” of harassing other people and groups. You did so on the Elf Clan blogsite and when you were banned there, you took it to the Inworldz forums. When you were condemned there for trolling, rather than learning your lesson you brought it here. Same story, same attitude. You don’t learn. That’s a sad existence.nnMyself, I’ve had enough of your whining and drama.u00a0 It’s very obvious Elf Clan took the right steps with you.u00a0 I’m glad we booted you before you could insert yourself any farther into our group– and would certainly caution any users against having dealings with you, your region or group.u00a0 You have built a lousy reputation on Inworldz; I’m sure such is the case in RL as well. We certainly would not want your “politics” to be associated with our group in any way. nnAfter seeing your attitude and dealings here, I wouldn’t support your VR or RL politics, project and goals in any manner, and frankly I’d recommend people steer far away from anything with which you are involved.

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