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Jungle Cats, Smarter Mobs, Highlight Next Minecraft Update | The Metaverse Tribune
Jungle Cats, Smarter Mobs, Highlight Next Minecraft Update

by Metacam Oh
Published January 27, 2012

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If you thought the recent update to Minecraft 1.1 was big, you have not seen anything yet. The last update had a few significant changes, such as sheep finally regrowing their wool by eating grass, and smoother biome transitions.

The next update 1.2, has significant things coming. The first and foremost change, is the addition of another biome resembling tropical rain forests, which is being referred to as the jungle biome. Trees in the jungle are much more magnificent, and four jungle saplings placed together are required to grow them to the much larger sizes. With the addition of this biome comes climbable vines (if they are attached to a solid block) and a new mob called the ocelot.

The ocelots are speedy jungle cats that appear to be afraid of the player, and don’t seem to be aggressive or dangerous. By trapping an ocelot in an enclosed area and taming them with fish, they convert to domesticated cats which can come in 3 colors; black, white, and ginger. Breeding two domesticated cats will yield a baby domesticated cat.

Aside from this great new addition, it appears that Zombies and Skeletons will be programmed with better intelligence. With 1.2 they will soon be able to navigate around roadblocks and mazes to get to the player, and will also act smarter and seek darkness if they are being burned by sunlight. It will truly be interesting to see the impact this will have on the games difficulty.

Click here to see a list of other features and bug fixes coming to Minecraft 1.2.

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