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Elven Migration: Part Two “The Tour”

by Netera Landar
Published January 29, 2012

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Wayfinder teleports me to a castle. It began as ElvenWorks in 2004, but received a name change to DragonForge in 2007. We fly toward the grotto, next to the Archery Range and BattleMace Arena. Both will be enabled when InWorldz gets physics. Until then, it is a place-marker. Wayfinder tells me that the grotto is a dance venue and very beautiful when you set your viewer to midnight. The builders are taking their time constructing the area.

( Elven Migration: Part One, “InWorldz” )

“Since we’re not busting our tails trying to get a sim to pay off a $300 a month tier, creativity is much more relaxed and enjoyable,” he said.

In terms of rules and regulations, the Elf Clan has a charter, which was written in 2004 and has been frequently updated. It’s based on the principles of  “Honor, Respect and Friendship.” The charter contains Elf Club historical information.

Elf Clan is more of a theme group than a role playing group. Members have the option of dressing and acting like fantasy characters, or not, if they choose. Most do take on personas and role play them.

“A typical weekend here, once we’re fully active, might be with a drum circle dance. Elf Clan was the original group for the popular VR drum circle activity,” said Wayfinder. “Most of the drums you see on SL were custom-designed for Elf Clan and then later sold by their creator. We might have an archery contest or a BattleMace tournament. But by far, our most popular activities are just meeting at the local pub, or building.”

Wayfinder said that InWorldz groups do not have to host events to stay alive so the focus has shifted from events to private gatherings. Elf Clan, though, will schedule double-events: one at 1 p.m. InW and other at 7 p.m. InW to accommodate the US and overseas time zones. Currently, the main order of business has been the final stages of closing down their Second Life domain and finalizing their new home here.

While the Lord of the Rings was the foundation concept for the Elf Clan, in time they established new roots. For example, Wayfinder explained that the Orks are the clan’s oldest and strongest allies. The dragons are their friends and the guardians of the land and that’s vastly different from the concept of Lord of the Rings.

“We’ve had three major wars in the last seven years,” he said. “They were hilarious. Lots of fun, ‘Orks vs. Pixies.’ You can imagine. The Orks brought their heavy war machines and the pixies brought matching costumes with ‘Pixies’ embroidered on their hiney.

The Elf Clan prefers to operate as a cooperative group so there are four Eldars. . Officially, by charter, there is an Elven Monarch which is Wayfinder. As he explains it, it’s for final decisions, but he prefers to remain in the background and let members moderate and rule themselves, which they do admirably.

We fly over to Cinnamon’s Glen, a one-quarter sim residential area owned by Cinnamon Raymaker. Wayfinder describes it as wide-open, non-congested build meant for strolls, horseback riding and simply to relax in a calm setting. It is among twenty-two regions that the Elf Clan owns and maintains.

“So we went from one still-alive region on SL to 22 here. Pretty good trade-off, I think. At this time, of course, we have no regions on SL,” he said. “Shut down the last one last month and thereby saved ourselves $4,200 a year. See the thing is…Elf Clan was the original large-themed group of SL. Linden Lab told us we were the first themed group to purchase a private sim, and the first to top 500 members. At the time, it was somewhat of a phenomenon. Because of that, a lot of people have kept their eyes on Elf Clan over the years. So when we finally decided to move from SL to Inworldz, it even caught the attention of the CEO.”

Their exodus is considered a “sad move” by Wayfinder. Had SL been more customer-friendly he feels that it could have been ten times bigger and far more productive. The clan finds InWorldz to be customer friendly, peaceful, calm and a great place to live. Elf Clan is quite happy here.

My host shows me next door: ElvenMyst, an all-residential region. Here you’ll find the Forestal Tavern, the center of Elf Clan activity. It was one of the first builds and was designed by Bryster Shan. This region is rented at affordable rates to Elf Clan members who then create a cooperative fantasy interactive environment. Here there are sixteen plots and they differ greatly, according to Wayfinder. One plot is the tavern, another is a treehouse and there’s an Elven monument. The local markets are called ElvenSong and ElvenGlen and one of the newer sim owners is creating a full-size market on his water sim called Myst Harbour. Also, Moontan has a market on Ithil Dae.

Wayfinder then escorts me to the rebuilding of the first Elf Clan sim, ElvenGlen. He mentions that on InWorldz a full sim and an island are the same thing. The only difference, he said, is that an island is a single sim or group of sims bunched together out in the water. InWorldz only leases full sims, so everyone here either is a region owner or rents from a private land baron. He also informed me that there is a mainland and it’s of a considerable size. The home sim is InWorldz Desert Island. That’s where new residents enter the grid. The Elf Clan’s area is referred by them as an “Island Kingdom.”

The huge castle to the North was their original region castle. It’s over six hundred feet tall. ElvenGlen has a market. Nearby is the Elven Falls, the central Enchanted Garden, the Ork Encampment to the northeast and Rohan to the direct east.

Wayfinder says the Elven lands are visitor friendly. Here there are fine merchants and builders. He names one of the most popular creators or scripters on InWorldz to be Zauber Paracelsus, an Elf Clan dragon with a region here.

We travel to an Ork encampment and I am introduced to the big fellow. In military garb he resembles a not-so-bad looking ogre, but this one has a sense of humor and won’t eat me. Wayfinder says I can quote him that the Orks are harmless.

I am told there was a lot more to see and we’re already two hours into the interview. The last part of the tour, an adorable dragon named Snoots is my escort. He leads me through the high-sky Elven Song build called Replicant City, a tribute to Star Trek, Doctor Who, TRON, Portal, The Matrix, Stargate, Firefly, Warhammer. Grab yourself an information notecard and explore the Star Trek Museum and all its wonderful treasures. Watch out for the Nomad Probe, Snoots said he’s snarky. Don’t forget to visit the Star Wars Imperior Cruiser and ask about the functional holodeck. Then prepare for the Elven adventure!



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