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InWorldz Voice: Full Grid Rollout | The Metaverse Tribune
Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019
InWorldz Voice: Full Grid Rollout

by Netera Landar
Published February 7, 2012

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InWorldz .  A recent blog post in the InWorldz Forum from Eleni, InWorldz Founder reads,  “Greetings everyone, time for the 2012 update and projects list that we’re looking at! We’re not going to include everything in here, as there are some things we’re keeping on the down low for release at our Vegas conference. However, there’s been a lot of things going on in the background that we wanted to keep our residents in the loop on!

1. Inventory Services Rewrite. As Tranq has indicated this is almost ready to roll out, we’re just waiting on the servers to be put in place now so he can start migration of this new service. This has been a complete rewrite of the inventory to scale accordingly with our growth so we’ll no longer have residents losing inventory, or dropping entire inventory skeletons into prims among other annoying bugs with the inventory service.

2. Voice Service. This will be rolled out at the same time as the above mentioned Inventory Services. This will be the same service everyone is already used to, and will be a huge relief to some of our disabled residents (or the ones who just hate typing).”

Voice. This is huge. Remember how big it was when it came to SL? Wednesday,  Feb., 8, 2012  will be remembered as the roll out day for the entire InWorldz Grid. There has been limited voice at the Welcome Center but it rolled out everywhere across the grid on that day. I sat down with Tranquillity Dexler, his RL name is David Daeschler, he lives in the US, NY state to be exact, and ask him to tell us a bit about himself and talk about Inworldz.

NETERA: Are you a computer programmer?

Tranquillity Dexler: I am, and have been professionally employed as such since I was 17.  I got into computers very early. I think I started around 11 or 12 yrs old with BASIC. Then as I got older my buddies would come over and play video games and stuff while I messed around with learning programming languages and things.

NETERA: Did you go to college?

Tranquillity Dexler: I did. I learned a lot about design patterns and software engineering in my first two years. I was also working full time and had to move out of my parents house early which made those years pretty difficult

NETERA: When did you learn about virtual worlds?

Tranquillity Dexler: I got into second life around the time my father died. I needed an outlet for expressing what I was feeling and 3d modeling and scripting ended up working very well to help me. This was about a year before InWorldz.

NETERA: What did you build at that time?

Tranquillity Dexler: I started off as co-owner of lauk’s lest and I built a lot of living creatures and things there.. I made a giant tree with platforms where people could dance, and I made there glow bug nests with little green bugs that came out at night.. I also made some birds that would eat seed that you put out. Also some more personal builds like a platform looking out a window.. Kind of hard to explain without seeing it. I very much enjoy fantasy sims and themes. My own region is sort of along the same lines.

NETERA: A sim of your creative visions?

Tranquillity Dexler: The sim I created here is something akin to a vacation spot on another planet. The sounds of waves, blowing breeze, birds chirping and a soft purple glow. As well as being a place I go when I need to relax.  I hope other people can do the same.

NETERA:  Tranq, Robustus Hax the owner of Metaverse Broadcasting has expressed an interest in seeing our new offices. I know his first question will be about his ability to film and make high quality video images with sound. I see voice is coming, how long before it is world wide ?

Tranquillity Dexler: I expect a full grid rollout of voice to happen tomorrow, at least for it to start it may take up to 18 hrs to roll out.

NETERA: Where do you see Inworldz in 2 years, three years?

Tranquillity Dexler: InWorldz will be working to maintain a solid foundation as well as improve accessibility to virtual worlds. THe core group of founders also acknowledges how this technology is even more useful and rewarding for people with disabilities that prevent them or dimish their ability to dance, play etc in real life. This is a group we’ll be focusing much attention on to try our best to enable them to do all their favoite activities again, virtually.

NETERA:  Is there a mainland?

Tranquillity Dexler: Yes there are two small mainlands right now. The structure is still kind of island like, but we have connected them together with oceans for sailing between.

NETERA:  What is the cost structure?

Tranquillity Dexler: The cost for a private isle is $75/mo, mainland is $60/mo with limited terraforming rights.

NETERA: What are the responsibilities of InWorldz founders?

Tranquillity Dexler: My main responsibilities are server software development and design, infrastructure design, making sure the platform is headed in the right direction. Ele does customer service, and other business essentials. Legion does cusotmer service and some community interaction with mentors and such.

NETERA: Tell us about voice.

Tranquillity Dexler: Originally when we looked at voice we were going to try to work with Murmur/Mumble and improve the usability here. Then along came Vivox with some really great offers and started really trying to work with small business. I spoke with Kamal from Vivox on multiple occasions and we got a very good contract set up with them for a commercial deployment.  Physics work is in progress and based on the PhysX SDK which gives us a lot of flexibility and proven use cases. There will be more information soon.

NETERA: Are you prepared, server wise, to handle thousands more people?

Tranquillity Dexler: I think the features we’re adding as well as actually advertising (which to date we have not done) will bring many new faces. The vast majority of work that has been done int he past year was to support high concurrency. I think we’ll be ready this year. It should be noted our joint venture with cari.net provides us with the server resources we need to scale, while we’re working on the software resources.

NETERA:  Do you think the same possibilities will be here as they are on sl and other grids? TV shows, machinima, dramatic presentations?

Tranquillity Dexler: Absolutely. A lot of that can be done right now, and in some cases done better here than in other places. We’ve tried to concentrate on making changes in the grid software that let more people come together with less problems. When we first released phlox we actually were able to get 67 avatars on our welcome center for more than 40 minutes with no real lag. That was big progress.

NETERA: Is there a particular age group that are coming to Inworldz? Are the retirees coming here?

Tranquillity Dexler: I’m not sure about demographics as a general rule, but we seem to have more people 25 and over here than 18 – 24.

NETERA: What does InWorldz mean to you?

Tranquillity Dexler: InWorldz is everything right now. The residents of InWorldz depend on us to keep things going, and they depend on us to listen and really learn from them. Every time I get a message from someone who tells me how this has changed their life for the better it makes me realize that I’ve made the right choice and all the long hours and sleepless nights are justified and balanced. I could work hard doing this and ultimately helping people.. Or I could be working for a company that really wouldn’t care, just as hard as I do now.

Tranquillity Dexler: I’d rather do this




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