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Editorial: Coral Market Expands Into InWorldz!!

by Chandice Slafford
Published March 3, 2012

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Coral Market has a complete full sim that has been created for their beautiful quality builds.  I recently visited this sim and caught up with CLoe Heslop for a chat about her life here in InWorldz. She expressed a love of building and a desire to share her builds and textures with others as her main reasons for being InWorldz. She is also always happy to help those who are new to building and want to learn.
The sim has a very large furniture shop with great quality scripted gadgets and items for the virtual world home. There are also other shops including a garden center and prefab buildings for sale. The shops are located in an attractive virtual world environment that is well worth a visit.

Cloee told me she is an artist in rl and this has helped her become a 3D artist in the virtual worlds. She has won awards for some of her artwork and has also taught art to kids with learning difficulties. Cloee’s talents are not just limited to building. Cloee and her partner Mikky Ling, professionally maintain a vast estate. They seem to have a great relationship together. The estate is run professionally and they take great care of it.
Their residents speak very highly of them as Cloee and Mikky are always prepared to spend time and nothing is too much trouble. They have been involved in virtual world for over 5 years now and have lots of experience in keeping things running smoothly. Cloee & Mikky are always very keen on being involved in the InWorldz community and the events that happen there.

Cloee has set some of her real life art work out in one of the InWorldz galleries for others to enjoy. It is a collection of her art and photography titled “Hatches, Matches and Dispatches”. She has also been asked to set up a furniture display in a gallery based on the theme, Alice in Wonderland. When I asked her if she had plans for the future, she told me they had plans for expansion and its looking like it will be soon.

Coral Market region is a very successful business in InWorldz and is a good indicator that Second Life isn’t the only place where you can be successful in virtual world business.

We are looking forward to see what Cloee and Mikky will be bringing in next as their building and region sales are on the up.



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