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An Entropia Universe Experience | The Metaverse Tribune
Tuesday, June 2nd, 2020
Editorial: An Entropia Universe Experience

by Axe Murderer
Published March 23, 2012

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Axe Murderer in Entropia Universe

I was staying away from Massively Multiplayer Online games because I knew that they can eat a lot of your free time.  But all that changed for me on Saturday November 13, 2010.  I opened Yahoo, and there I saw it: “Gamer makes a cool half-million by selling virtual property;” an article about a gamer who bought a virtual asteroid in Planet Calypso in Entropia Universe for $100,000 real US dollars, and few years later sold it for $635,000 USD.  Incredibly, he made a lot of money just by playing a game.

Entropia Universe is a virtual world with a real cash economy, meaning that every item in the game cost real money and you can sell it for real US dollars.  My first reaction was “crazy rich people,” but I was curious enough to download the game later that day and create my virtual mini me.  Virtual property, virtual money and making money sitting on your PC may seem strange to ‘normal’ people, but trading and making money in such a manner has been happening just like this for years.  EU currency is known as Project Entropia Dollar, or PEDs, and just like currency in other virtual worlds, PEDs can be withdrawn from the game, converted to real world money, and deposited into a linked bank account.

Entropia Universe is free to play (until you decide to deposit) with no monthly fee, so I elected to explore this new world right away.  I was so impressed by the game that first day that I played until 3 a.m. the next morning, beginning in the starting area — an island where I had to complete a few missions designed to teach game play.  This aspect of the game has been improved, but even at that time, it was enough to grab me.  The graphics are powered by CryEngine 2, allowing for incredible realism, especially for a Massively Multiplayer Online game with huge areas to explore and thousands of people playing at the same time.

During my second day in EU I realized that I had many questions, so I joined a very helpful society called, “The Knights of Calypso.”  The group helped me discover new towns in the game, answered all my questions, and I even received many items as free gifts.  I was amazed that these people were setting me up with things that normally cost real money, yet they were giving them away to strangers.  I found the social aspect of EU to be very surprising, as well as the friendliness amongst the players.

Port Atlantis

Port Atlantis, Entropia Universe


While the beautiful landscapes are the first things that new players notice, the real reason I enjoy playing Entropia Universe month after month, year after year, is the complexity of the game and the freedom granted players to do whatever they want.  Players can hunt creatures, kill robots, drive or fly vehicles, drill the ground for resources, manufacture armor and weapons, explore, even kill other players and loot them.  There are four planets now and two more coming soon.  So, with the space between them and the huge area to explore, it’s impossible to become bored.  Moreover, professions within the game are an option — taxi driver, shop owner, hairstylist, medic, trader, or almost anything else that players create for the purpose of earning money within the game.

If I had to choose just one word to describe Entropia Universe it will be “challenging.”  While participating in games with monthly fees, there may not be as much concern regarding how a player interacts with the world; however, in EU bad decisions can potentially cost real money, or conversely, smart decisions can make real money.  I believe that because everything is ultimately based upon real money, players are more mature and responsible than in other games that I have tried.  My interest in the commerce within EU eventually led me to purchase two shops so I could begin to sell goods to other players, which has provided me with some valuable experience in money trading.

As far as game-play, my personal record in lucrative achievements is a $40 USD Gazzurdite Stone from one hit on October 16, 2011, on Planet Arkadia.  Incredibly, there are players who have been able to kill a creature or drill resources worth $20,000 USD.  Other games set goals where high scores, like one millions points, or require certain achievements in order to gain rewards.  In EU, my goal is to eventually acquire $20,000 USD and buy a car — maybe even become a headline in a Yahoo news article,  like “another person gets rich playing video games.”  Other personal long-term goals are:  create a role-playing society where everyone can take a position; own property on every planet in the game; and be able to craft my own armor and weapons.

I would encourage anyone who enjoys adventure, challenge, and online gaming to check out Entropia Universe.  And keep reading the Metaverse Tribune — I’ll be providing updates and sharing my experiences here every week!



  • Wer

    THis game is not worth your timeu00a0

  • Butch Butch Carisbrook

    Nice article that pretty much tells it as it is and not from the point nof view of someone that lost thousands of dollars playing the game, nIt’s like poker machines, if your stupid and spend all your money in nthem thinking you are going to get rich then you have no one to blame nbut yourself and you also can’t take the views of someone who luckily scored a 20k US dollar mining claim as they are both biased for different reasons. nnnnThe way you described the game was exactly how i felt when i first nlogged in around 5 years ago, yes you can play for free by sweating, nfinding fruit, stones and trading once you have a nice little stash of npeds but you can also go nuts and spend a lot of money on things.nnPersonally i couldnt stand the free way of playing for more than a month as the time it took to build peds was long and i could earn more by working some extra hours in real life for my EU play money.nnnnIt all depends on what you are willing to pay for your entertainment andn what challenges you want from a game, if you wish to be the highest nlevel in a few weeks or months then this game is not for you, this game ntakes years to become a legend in your own mind :) but unlike most gamesn if you play for 3 years then someone joining later will indeed need 3 nyears to catch up to you if they were to play at the pace you set for nyourself and that is what i liked about EU… not everyone is a General or Maxxed level player.. infact hardly anyone is.nnnnMost of the nightmare money losing stories are just people chasing the nbig payout and if you avoid that way of playing and let what comes come naturally then you will enjoy yourself and the challenge of making it in EU. nnOn the other side of the coin if you have lots of spare cash you can jump a few rungs of the ladder by being able to afford items out of the reach of many players, you would be astounded at the prices of some of the items believe me, some of the amounts are insane and out of control and everyone wants prices to fall but.. at the same time they hope they loot one of these ultra expensive items.nnSo yes you can lose a shedload of cash in the game.. if you arent careful as with everything in life you have to have moderation and play within your means and if you do become one of the lucky ones then by all means go crazy :) nnHope to see you soon in the game, give it a try and judge for yourself… i did.nnI havent made any money and i havent gotten rich, in fact im down on the amount i have deposited which is around the same as a family car over the five years i have played but i have items and equipment that is worth almost the same as a family car if i was to sell them (at the moment anyway) and most of all ive had a blast playing the game, met some nice people and best of all get to wander around for days never seeing anyone as i mine. hunt & craft… it’s nice to have some me time :) nngoodluck and say gday if you see me ingame if you end up trying it.nn

  • Aandar

    Good article :) n+1 to what you said about maturity of EU people – a great difference if compared to other MMORPGS and one of the main reasons i play this game/universe since 2007.

  • Clausdan

    Great article. I’ve played EU myself since 2003. Much more than a game for sure and with a really interesting future now planet partners have arrived to provide even more exciting content! I can warmly recommend everyone to check it out. More now than ever!… Just don’t expect to earn huge loads of free cash from day one. It takes dedication, knowledge, skill, luck… and often money too (for the right gear i.e.)… to break or even profit – but profit feasible for sure!

  • NoJokeBloke

    Slot machine mechanics with a fancy skin. Lame outdated graphics, just enough to give the appearance to the authorities thatu00a0it’s au00a0videogame and not an online gambling front.nMindark who runs it are the shadiest greediest develpersu00a0I’ve ever exerienced..nBuy a lottery or a scratch ticket, it’s a lot cheaper and the odds are way better that you’ll win something.nbut hey don’t believe me — go on. go play it. nPeople who come on here and say I’m wrong are fanbois lookign for favor with Mindark, that how it works.u00a0 Like Linus in the pumkin patch, one wrong word and you’re forsaken by the Great Pumpkin.ngo on don’t belive meu00a0 go play, deposit. There’s a sucker born every minute and that’s pretty much their business plan.


    Nice story there Axe it pretty much sums up what I think about EU. Hope we stay in game for a long while. there are some exciting time to come.

  • Narfi

    Nice article Axe, Its good to see write ups on my favorite game.nnLooking forward to your next article.nnnarfi

  • http://twitter.com/edgeArchitect Ruslan

    Best game ever!

  • Infinity01

    EU is my first MMORPG. I’ve been playing EU since 2009. Initiallyu00a0out of curiosity after reading about it in wikipedia. In the begining, I had a lot of fun and excitement. I got a big loot ofu00a0 about US$2400 after killing an animal when I was only 4 months old in the game. Later, asu00a0my avataru00a0advancedu00a0the cost to play progressively wentu00a0up.u00a0At some pointu00a0 I thought the game is nothing but a slot machine with a different interface. But after 3 yrs of playing, now I knowu00a0Entropia isu00a0not a slot machine. Rather, it’s a very complex game.u00a0To keepu00a0players interested in the game/activities the developeru00a0added some uncertaintyu00a0(like almost any other game)u00a0in the short term. A lack of understanding of the gameu00a0mechanics/dynamics,u00a0this uncertainty would give a naive player the feelingu00a0of gambling/slot-machine.u00a0I’veu00a0met many playersu00a0(especially those who areu00a0playing less than 1yr)u00a0in Enntropia who have similar views. Now, to me, entropia is a mindless (in terms of creativity)u00a0social fun game with complex interconnected professions. It’s a game where family members/relatives from different parts of the world can come together, and u00a0chat, explore, hunt and have fun in au00a0beautiful virtual world.u00a0This aspect (family/social)u00a0of the game is far better than wasting money on smoking or drinking in a bar (and I know a few adopted EU as such). With more planets being added to this universe the diversity/choices,u00a0along with complexities, are onlyu00a0to increase further!u00a0nnHowever, It can be very costly, This isu00a0where one has to be cautious. The flip side, it’s beingu00a0u00a0a “real cash economy” one can make money out of this game tou00a0 pay for his or her fun in the game oru00a0even better make profit and withdraw money from the game.u00a0 But to stay break-even or make profit, one has to have patience andu00a0knowledge about the game. Having said that, I think only a minority of players base able to regularly withdraw money out of the game. Almost all of myu00a0close friends play it for fun! The reason is simple…It’s hard to make money out of a game supposed to be played for fun! nIn the end I’ll just leave with a quote i’ve u00a0as my forum signature:”nIt’s a game for fun, and not to be rich! It’s free to play, but could be very costly…. the path, you to decide!…Welcome aboard. and GL.”nnu00a0u00a0

  • http://bastardsoft.com Kim Hedgu00e5rds

    Yes, they are really greedy. Did you know that MindArk makes very little money on this game? I believe your problem is most likely that the game was too hard for you.nIf you are good at the game, you will most likely break-even most of the time, and now and then get a better than average loot that makes you able to buy that new piece of equipment you wanted. This game is not for kids.nIt’s no gambling machine, but it might be dangerous for someone with gambling problems.nThe game is awesome, the graphics are nice and for once, the players are mature. Been playing wow for several years, still am, but the players are, or behave like they are all 12 year olds.nMindArk fanboy? Not likely :P Many aspects I am not too happy with, like that I have never HoFed of Globaled.nnGreedy developers…look at Blizzard. WoW is paying for all their development on newer games, and they make buttloads of money still, and yet they stick with their 12.99 euro price.

  • Koxma

    Great game, and it is worth your time.. just prepare for a multi-year journey. Not for everyone, and certainly not for those with gambing problems or urge to hit top ranks in 3 months like you do in certain well-known other mmorpg. Or for kids who expect flashy gameplay like in modern fantasy games. I see lot of disappoinment and whining in various forums coming from these wrong expectations.n

  • Chillbanan

    Entropia is awesome if u are not 12 years old and are awesome:) So EU have the most awesome playerbase of all!

  • Player

    Dont forget that EU is pretty much a snowball principe. The longer you invest and play, you may get something back later. If you think you get rich here, wrong message! This is why I do not like the article above. This is nonsense.

  • ChillDude

    Unfortunately, the suckers born every minute are people like you who seem to think that you must deposit money to enjoy the game. From all of the stories I’ve heard, it’s only a slot machine if you treat it like one. Some folks play responsibly and either play without money or they limit themselves monthly to as much as they might pay for a regular P2P MMO. I don’t even play it and I know how it works.nnIf you think outdated graphics are an issue, then definitely do NOT believe any hype about the “greedy” MineCraft developer’s profits…he didn’t trick people into buying anything. Neither does Mindark. People assume what they want, even though the information is laid out pretty clearly, and ultimately they are the ones who jump through the hoops to make a transaction. It’s called a business model for turning a profit. Every time you go to McDonald’s, play any major online game, or order a pizza, some “greedy” person at the top of some corporate hierarchy gets a paycheck. Guess what? They probably deserve it for persuading you to spend your own money. And it’s your own fault if you spend way too much without thinking about it.nnFrom what little I know of the game–not being a fan let alone a “fanboi”, whatever that means–they don’t force you to fork over anything. Sounds like somebody got burnt wasting their own money on this game and thinks that flaming all over the internet will bring it back somehow.

  • Elle

    dude the game has taken everything i have ever given it for almost a decade.u00a0 i have recently started playing a subscription game as its a hell of a lot cheaper and the returns are 1000% more evident. if you dont deposit you get nowhere. for some of even if you deposit you get no where. MA can kiss my lilly white a$$

  • Flavius Max Maximus

    Eu is many things to many people.nnIt is a social venue, far superior in safety to the local club or pub where alcohol, drunken driving, promiscuity, fighting, drugs and countless other social ills are likely to influence and be close at hand.nnIt is an economic environment with some serious flaws which people can learn about, it teaches many concepts to those who would learn.nnIt is an opportunity to invest wisely and actually make money. In any company in any industry there are those who will do well and those who will not. This is simply another environment in which these things are true.nnIt keeps many people from doing things they would regret out in the real world as they have opportunity to vent, to seek and find, friendship, satisfaction, learning and experience.nnIt provides for those who would help others by their example, the opportunity to do so. I have certainly influenced and been influenced.nnIt provides real life business opportunities across the globe as people meet and learn about each other, their real life skills and hardships and they help each other, start new enterprises and prosper thereby.nnMany have found romance in this virtual world. Many have found much needed company, as limited as it might be.nnMany have opportunity to interact which they would never otherwise have since they have real world limitations which preclude such interaction.nnPeople think of this virtual Universe concept as unreal and will say, “go and do something real” but the interaction is actually as real as any other, whether it be in a pub, club, sporting arena or church. We interact with real people, share their lives and develop friendships across continents, learning about the living conditions, economic and other aspects of other countries.nnThose who see this as slot machine or a fantasy or unreal would see a gun or food or alcohol or drugs or cars as killers whereas these things are merely tools in the hands of wise and stupid humans.nnThis kind of environment is here to stay, at least until technology disappears. If you are wise in its use you should reap benefits even if they are not financial. nnIf you have better things to do then by all means do them. Thanks though for your attempt at insight, you may well help many who would otherwise fall prey to their own failures in this environment.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IL7J7A3V2ZNIXCQ7LSOJGTH5RY Rizen

    its a casino.u00a0 thats it.u00a0 every shot you take costs you money.u00a0u00a0 thats the same as playing the slots.

  • Stagger

    I’ve been a player in this game for a long time now, nit’s a moneydrain if you do not know how to play it, gear yourself up with information and you’ll be fine.nnIn this universe i’m known as a space pirate,ni earn my money by robbing other peoples real cash in this game.nAnd i definatly am not experiencing any decreasing of my wallets value :D ( rather increase)nnanyone who wishes to know how to earn real money in this game, come find me.nmy name is Floyd Stagger Stash, leader of Nebula Virus.

  • Lrddread

    for the person who says they don’t make much $ from this then i wll say thats wrong. The only way you can deposit or withdraw or even change you email address is to buy a gold card kit and i assume they only work either so many times or whatever. So no matter what you do in the game to get money out you need to buy this from them to get it out or even deposit. I tried to change my email and I still had old one but no way they would let me without this. I explained to them that since i had both accounts still but I was changing isp’s soon that they could write me on old one and i could respond to them telling them I was definitely the same person but they said that was not enough you must get a gold card for 200 PED thats with the reader which you need as well. To funny! No idea how much real $ 200 ped is either as I never got that far into trying to find out as I should not hav eto pay them to change my email address on my account.

  • Rea

    I start to play EU oktobar 2002….and I still play….

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Belinda-Short/726896152 Belinda Short

    This doesn’t make any sense. I have never had any trouble changing my account information.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Belinda-Short/726896152 Belinda Short

    I didn’t realize people were still traveling space with stackable loot. Why would anyone do that?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Belinda-Short/726896152 Belinda Short

    Actually, you can play for free with your fists. You don’t have to fire a gun to hunt.

  • Jerry “Wollo” Wollongong

    Good article about EU as it is today. It saddens me to see that people continue to treat EU as it was years ago. The way I see it, the name is the only thing which remains unchanged (not counting the projectentropia –> entropia universe shift). Everything else has been greatly improved.
    The tutorials now protect newbies from making big (and costly) mistakes, allowing them to experiment with free items.
    You can still do whatever you want, but some got confused by that in the past. Missions (quests) were added, so now you can follow a storyline, or just wander around freely.
    You can treat the game as an “investment”, and actually make some income from it (I never believed it, but nowadays, I manage to play without having to deposit anymore), but the focus is no longer on the “you can get rich”, but more on “you can have a lot of fun, and in the end, you can even take some money out”. In what other MMO can you do this?
    Yes, you have to think about your actions. In other games, you can rush into a pack of ubermobs. In EU, that’s costly. So you behave more naturally, adding an extra element to the game. In other games, when you hear a roar, you think “Hey, a mob, maybe I need to take a detour”. In EU, I hear the sound and I think “Run for your lifes!!!”
    EU is an increasingly good game, with increasingly good management. Transparency has improved, communication with the playerbase continues to become better and better.
    EU has rewon my heart (it lost my affection somewhere in 2009, but I saw potential, so I kept checking). Now, I’ve been playing as much as I can for the last 12 months again. There is SO much to do and explore, that all the other games I have are starting to feel lonely….

  • Rave

    I have been playing for years (since beta in 2002) and while I have taken breaks now and then, I always come back and I’m sure I always will. Its a great game with a lot of potential. This game will never stop developing. Don’t listen to the haters… they are the one’s who deposit a lot of money, play improperly, and lose it all. If you are smart and put in the time, you get a huge experience out of this game.

    Not to mention the graphics on max settings… WOW!

  • Jerry Wollo Wollongong

    I’ve seen this complaint elsewhere, and people there also proved you wrong…

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kim-Arild-Endresen/843870413 Kim Arild Endresen

    Damn! This game sounds awesome.
    There must be millions of active players!!!

  • Anonymously

    not to mention players that were banned and deleted for being outspoken against the game hosts and also losing thousands of dollars. The game offers no financial security and has left many violated and robbed due to a draconian and corrupt game host. There is also a terrible addictive nature to the game and with far reaching psychological consequences. Just another clever vice of the devil and his Illuminati.

  • Jim456

    Those players who where banned because the violated the game rules. However, EU is that tolerant that even banned players will get their ingame currency transferred back when they are banned. Just read the rules, what you apparently not did and play by the rules. Then you are fine like everyone else.

  • scott young

    My wife and i have enjoyed playing for 5 years, and yes we drop a little cash in now and then. but over we do nice on the loots, but we should sell more and not save as much for later.

    The only thing i don’t like is they are focusing too much on graphics and not on game play.
    I don’t need swaying bushes and trees when mining, or moving and growing shadows when hunting, that stuff has never help me get more loot, just crashes the system and cost us a little more ped. Before “The Golden Age” game play was more fun and easier but i guess it was needed to upgrade and add the new planets.

    If you start playing don’t think you will get rich, it won’t happen. just try and find people you like to hag out with, and something you enjoy doing. and have fun.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kamdene.templeman Kamdene Templeman

    i agree with this guy , ive been playing the game since 04 and just recently ive been making alot of money in game so much so that i dont need to deposit and havnt deposited in years, so its all about the way you play the game. dont hate the game just because you cant make a buck wisely

  • Angel Puppetslayer

    I’m 13, & I <3 this game, never gonna depo and strangely I love sweating, great to talk with people while doing it. :)

    ^^ And I'm awesome.

  • tonz

    my personal advice for this game is to play it as an MMO, not a job. I have wasted around $50 on LOTRO and many others have done so on other MMOs. you cannot retrieve that money but this one let’s you. don’t expect to make money. expect to have hard times and easy times. this game contains a real economy. this makes it hard for the poor and ridiculously easy for the rich. you have to work for your fortune.

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