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Editorial: I Can Pick Them

by Kimani Silvercloud
Published March 25, 2012

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Spring fashion trends are starting to come into bloom, as those of us who love to see what we can expect from creators and the fashion scene wait (im)patiently.  This year Second Life is doing a photo contest, which invited residents to submit pictures on their community forum Spring Bling! Fresh Fashion Photo Contest. Other residents then vote upon these images, the images getting the top votes rewarded a prize.

When I went to the forum to pick out my top 3 I tried looking at what I think was more innovative, and on the cutting edge.  I wanted to see more photographs that stood out from the norm.  I also tend to lean towards more editorial images, surprisingly, my third place spot goes to a look that can be done with a variety of options.

My Third Place Spot

I like Suriko Leimes  photo because it exudes the epitome of spring in an everyday look.  The skirt and top look very relaxed, and she adds a nice accent with the belt.  I also like the setting she decided to use, it is simple, but this is something if I saw on the blog feeds I would check out, to see just where she got each item (minus the Miel belt, necklace and UFO guitar! I already own those).

My Second Place Spot

My second place choice was posted by  Chery Ravinelli.  Her image has a clear directional path for the eye to follow, moving up from the stark black contrast of her heels peeking out from under her jumpsuit to the petals, as they float away from her.  The hair style is different from most that I saw with in the other entries and it works so well since the outfit over all is more simple.  It becomes on of the focal points of Cherry’s image, the other being her jewelry usage, letting the jumpsuit be a backdrop to those.

My First Place Spot

My first place choice was done by CloClo.  I love the style, even though we can only see the back of.  I want to see more, and I wish that this was on the blog feeds so that each item is listed.  This is a lot more editorial, from the pink hair to the open back dress (I believe).  A picture likes this inspires me to be more creative in the sort of things I put together and wear in world, all the way down to the ruffle detail socks.  The simple background compliments this look because we have nothing distracting us from the spring look she put together.

Do not forget to check out Landa Crystal, “SLightly Fashionable” and Anjelyc Morelas, “Mi Paraiso” picks from the Spring Bling! Fresh Fashion Photo Contest. And check the link here for Second Life’s announcement of winners on March 27!

This work uses content from the Second Life® Wiki article  Spring Bling! Fresh Fashion Photo Contest.  Copyright © 2007-2009 Linden Research, Inc. Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License (see the complete license terms).
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