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Entropia Universe to Launch Planet Cyrene | The Metaverse Tribune
Wednesday, February 19th, 2020
Editorial: Entropia Universe to Launch Planet Cyrene

by Axe Murderer
Published April 11, 2012

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Early registration now in progress for Planet Cyrene.

Just like the real universe, Entropia Universe is constantly expanding.  It all started in 2003, when the first world, Planet Calypso, was discovered; a distant, alien planet, settled by courageous and tenacious human colonists who gradually developed a new civilization. They battled robots and bizarre creatures throughout their exploration of the uncharted planet, mined for valuable resources and produced armor and weapons capable of survivng the hostile, and often lethal, environment.

Seven years later, in 2010, came the music world, Planet ROCKtropia.  A truly unique planet, the terrifying theme combines music and horror.  Players enjoy amazing music that emanates from the buildings and structures as they work with local police to crush the threat of zombies, werewolves, and vampire chicks.  A key feature of this planet is its partnership with Universal Pictures, promising the occasional sighting of movie monsters.  Currently, “The Thing” has unleashed its rein of terror upon the world and can be hunted for a valuable prize.

Later in 2010, another planet in the Entropia Universe was discovered.  Next Island, a lush tropical world set in ancient Greece, was quickly populated with creative individuals and a bevy of entrepreneurs who traveled back in time to establish businesses and set up a commerce system.  Among the key features of the planet are the challenging quests and the multitude of ferocious mythological beasts who are a constant threat to civilization.

The most recent addition to EU was Planet Arkadia, in 2011.  While hunting, mining and crafting are possible on all of the planets, the primary activity on Arkadia will be treasure hunting.  Expected to launch in the summer of 2012, this element of planet exploration could be a potentially lucrative endeavor for players,  as their finds can be traded with other residents or sold for cash value.

On the development front are two other planets with a planned release in 2012.  Digital Scryers, a gaming company founded in 2008, has been feverishly laboring on Planet Cyrene.  Their team consists of six members, and they work in cooperation with official planet partner, Creative Kingdom, which brings the total number of people working on this project up to sixty talented individuals.

Cyrene Creatures

Cyrene Creatures

The planned theme for Planet Cyrene is a mix of science fiction and fantasy.  Among the enemies to defeat will be robots, humanoids, bugs, and sea creatures.  Vehicles will range from classic sailing ships to spaceships.  Once again, while the normal actions of hunting, mining, crafting, trading, and taming pets will be available, this planet will have a unique trait – factions will be incorporated into the game.  Five different factions will be introduced immediately:  Imperium, Zekkonians, Turrelions, Acacia Rebirth Corps, and Vida’s Group.  Players must choose which faction to assist and what missions to accept.  Later on, there will be Mechs for players to pilot once the Mech system goes live.

S.O.R Centurion MkII Battle Mech

S.O.R Centurion MkII Battle Mech

Planet Cyrene is near completion and is in its final testing phase.  Registration is open at this time, but it may be advisable to wait until the world is officially released.  Developers are aiming for a launch date of May 1, 2012, but as is often the case with complex programming, delays are possible.  Register now on the Cyrene Forum, and prior to May 1st, to receive a “Cyrene Pioneer” badge, which will display player posting profile.  Additionally, a picture of Imperium Officer Armor was posted recently by developers, and there is speculation that this item will be rewarded to players who complete particularly difficult combat missions or other in-game challenges.  Although it is anticipated that Cyrene will be ready next month, the real marketing campaign will actually take place at Comic Con in San Diego, California, from July 12 – 15, 2012.  There is little doubt that this will draw countless new players to Entropia Universe.

Imperium Officer Armor

Imperium Officer Armor

Everything that I have seen or read about Planet Cyrene, thus far, is impressive and I am sure that it will be great place to explore.  I will highlight another new planet soon, but in the meantime, here is just a little unofficial teaser video of Planet Cyrene.  The official video is likely to be even more remarkable.

Unofficial Cyrene Preview X-Mas 2011

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