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Planet Postmoderna Phase 1 | The Metaverse Tribune
Sunday, January 19th, 2020
Planet Postmoderna Phase 1

by Metaverse Press
Published April 12, 2012

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Planet Postmoderna Launches KickstarterTM Campaign to Fund Online Game Phase 1

Indie game producer prepares to create first cash economy-based, virtual world game to come out of Colorado Springs.


Every day, thousands of online warriors, explorers and adventurers take to online games and virtual worlds to conquer, slay and compete against each other and to build their online personas.  The cities, planets, worlds and constructs in which they participate are as diverse and creative as the players’ characters.  The latest newcomer to the gaming scene, Planet Postmoderna, is currently in development. Game producer Alan Morgan and the Planet Postmoderna team have launched a KickstarterTM campaign to garner funds for the creation of Chapter 1 of the Online Game World of Planet Postmoderna.

Alan Morgan, Planet Postmoderna Game Producer

“Project Planet Postmoderna is truly an ‘indie’ and an organic project,” says Morgan.  “The concept and initial ‘fleshing out phase’ was made possible by negotiating sponsorships and partnerships with several companies and lots of volunteer hours.”  The KickstarterTM campaign aims to raise $200,000 USD in donated funds from supporters.  The dollars raised through KickstarterTM will fund software, systems and time and support of the programmers and modelers on the demo-design team, and will also pay for the marketing expenses required to promote the game.  Martin explains, “We estimate the demo will take 6-9 months to complete with the team working on it full-time. The final entry-level game (once investor funding is attained) will take a little longer but not by much.  Our hopes, if we proceed with the initial plan, are to build Postmoderna as an additional planet within the game Entropia Universe under their Planet Partner Program, and that will take a little under 12-18 months to finish and launch.”

Postmoderna has been in the works since September 2005, with most of the art and model work having been completed over the past year.  The game is set against a backdrop of exploration, discovery and colonization of a newly discovered alien planet; the first habitable one since long-distance space exploration was made possible and became feasible.  The fate of the colony is tied directly to the efforts of individual users, as well as the community as a whole.

The free-to-play, MMO (Massive Multi-player Online) game is based on a cash economy.  Essentially, though the game is free to players, goods and property may be bought and sold with real money (similar in concept to Monopoly™ and a real-world economy).  The Postmoderna world is planning to leverage the technology of the already existing, successful cash economy virtual world, Entropia Universe.  “Postmoderna is a sci-fi game and virtual world designed with a tree of sub-worlds that are based on historical content married with historical fiction and unlimited sub-plot potential that will fun to explore and can even be used indirectly to learn about history in an entertaining way,” says Morgan.  “Overall planet development and growth is based on the activities of the overall player base.  If more players farm, then agriculture develops; if more build objects and equipment, engineering develops.”

The consummate goal to launch Planet Postmoderna and bind a planet contract with the makers of Entropia Universe is $1.8 million.  Notes Morgan, “The Kickstarter campaign is Step One in the process of making Planet Postmoderna a reality.”  He adds, “the success of this project could also potentially put Colorado and Colorado Springs on the Media Arts and Games Industry Map.”

Further details regarding Planet Postmoderna and the KickstarterTM campaign are available at www.kickstarter.com site – search for “Planet Postmoderna.“

About Planet Postmoderna, LLC
Led by game producer Alan Morgan, the Project Planet Postmoderna team is comprised of a talented pool of volunteers who have been involved in this pre-production since early 2008.  They come from all over the world and all walks of life, with experiences and skill sets that range from 3D modeling and animation, writing, film, programming and coding, to marketing and sales, and even archeology and research.  The team is crafting each piece of Planet Postmoderna from scratch for the prototype.  They drive the project in a way that even just being part of it is an educational experience.  For more information visit:   www.planet-postmoderna.com, or to learn more about the parent game, Entropia Universe, check out:  www.entropiauniverse.com.

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