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Calypso Land Lot Deeds Sold | The Metaverse Tribune
Monday, June 1st, 2020
Editorial: Calypso Land Lot Deeds Sold

by Axe Murderer
Published April 23, 2012

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Calypso Land Deed

Calypso Land Lot Deed


On April 5, 2012, the last Calypso Land Lot Deed was sold — all 60,000 CLDs that were offered byMindArk for auction went for 1000 PED ($100 USD) per unit.  Of those, 25,000 CLDs, valued at $2.5 million USD were purchased by one player; 1,000 CLDs were purchased by MindArk, and will be distributed in-game in various ways; the remaining 34,000 CLDs were acquired by regular players with small wallets.  Players on Calypso will be able to loot many of these deeds through normal activities, such as hunting, mining and manufacturing.  A smaller amount will be distributed as prizes during special events and throughout storylines.  All told, there are $100,000 USD in the loot pool for players to pillage.  There is no set date, but it is anticipated that the CLDs could begin dropping into the loot after May 1, 2012, and players will need to be present on Planet Calypso to participate.  Calypso Land Lot Deeds are actually the first such deeds available to players who are not able to deposit more than $20,000 USD to buy a parcel of land.  Many people have dreamed about owning land in Entropia Universe since they joined the game.

For those not part of EU, it may well be difficult to comprehend what land ownership means and how this impacts players – even well-established players may not fully appreciate what a game changer this is.  Perhaps it will take time for the realization to take place and hit the game in full force.  When CLDs were introduced in November 2011, the price of items in-game dropped because everyone was saving money to buy more deeds.  Once MindArk sells their last deeds for 1000 PEDs, deeds will still be available, but only from other players and for a significantly higher price.

Planet Arkadia Celeste Quarry

Celeste Quarry

For each CLD in a player’s possession, a revenue share of about $0.50 USD is paid per unit on a weekly basis.  This means that prior to November 2011, approximately $120,000 USD was profit going solely to MindArk. Now, with the CLDs having been auctioned off, that money will go back to the players.  Some of the funds will be withdrawn, but most deed holders will receive less than $100-$200 USD per month.  No one who has cash to buy 50-100 CLDs will withdraw so small a sum of money.  Therefore, a sizable portion of that money will likely be used by players to develop in-game events with prizes, to buy items from other players, purchase land, shops and apartments, and more.

It’s anticipated that the game will improve in at least two ways.  First, the creation of and participation in an increased number of events, combined with with bigger and better prizes, suggests that the enjoyment level of the game will rise.  Using PEDs from their CLDs, players are likely to travel more frequently between planets to take part in recreational activities and not be as conscious of the nominal planet travel fees.  Second, with the additional PEDs, the economy will improve, as players buy more armor, weapons, and resources.  As the impact of supply and demand raises prices, this will enable hunters, miners, and crafters to turn a profit without depositing large sums of money.  Players who own a substantial amount of CLDs can start paying salaries for various jobs and services.  Over time, every shop will be purchased and will sell goods, every apartment will be occupied and decorated with furnishings acquired from a retailer, every land manager will have enough PEDs to promote events and give away huge prizes.

Space of Entropia Universe

The Interplanetary Space of Entropia Universe

In 2009, there was Second Golden Age after Entropia Universe switched over to the stunning CryENGINE 2, and players were able to loot fantastic and expensive items with SGA in the name.  For me, Calypso Land Lot Deeds are also a huge step toward progress in the game, and one might say that we are now entering the Third Golden Age for Entropia Universe.  This is probably the best time to join the game since it launched in 2003.  If you do sign up, my advice is to buy at least 1 CLD so you can vote when the political system is implemented, allowing you to take part in major decisions that will affect your virtual world.


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  • AngryEntropian

    Half of the info here is not accurate, particularly that which is in regards to events and “prizes”.nMost deed holders will certainly withdraw the income from CLD’s. This is most certainly the case when you understand that HALF of all CLD’s are owned by ONE person, who for all intents and purposes, bought them as an investment. This is a fact well known by people who actively participate in Entropia.nThe Entropia economy is currently in a downward spiral and the general mood of the entire population is souring to the extreme. Couple that with the obvious fact that the playerbase is shrinking and you will come to realise that this game is dying.nNow we wait for a company with a better understanding of online games, to take this concept and make an improved RCEMMO. One which does not cost $100′s per month to participate in.n

  • AxeMurderer

    What about the events and prizes? Here is one event with a lot of prizes including Calypso Land Deeds and I am going to participate in it:u00a0nhttp://www.planetcalypso.com/news/pages/2012/04/24/5625/index.xmlnThe playerbase is growing every day and it is easy to see it.u00a0nAnd you will have to wait a lot for othe company to make RCEMMO. It will take 10 years and millions of dollars to get to where Entropia was 2 years ago.

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