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DANCE ON – DANCE OFF | The Metaverse Tribune
Monday, June 1st, 2020

by Mimi Juneau
Published May 9, 2012

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Hello. How are you. So nice to talk to you again. I contemplate the days ahead, the summer, and I may be saying silly things but is it to early to start preparing?  If you are a designer wishing to participate in a Fashion Show, or an animator wanting to show off your moves please read on.
From EC/Eve/Events Coordinator Inworldz comes this  GREAT INWORLDZ DANCE ON – DANCE OFF Animation Challenge !!
FROM JUNE 18th till JULY 2nd !!


This is a great way to hone your existing skills as an Animator, or perhaps try it for the first time!  If you are a designer wishing to participate in the Fashion Show,  contact Raven Dulce, InWorldz with your completed application! (See below.)

With my summer preparation getting going and all, and the weather gets warmer, I start thinking with my lazy head: “Should I just find a reason so that I can rest?” Nah, I know, I’m just saying things, that’s all, but I’m not going to rest, so don’t get angry at me. I am always looking ahead.

Below you will find the application for the fashion show and if you log into Inworldz and go to my mall store, MIMI’S CHOICE,  there is a kiosk there with the animators application.

The Application for the Vintage Fashion Show: Must be submitted by May 31st.

Vintage Fashions at the InWorldz Dance On- Dance Off Event:
Greetings from EventsCoordinator InWorldz and Raven Dulce of Allure Modeling Agency!

From EC/Eve/EventsCoordinator Inworldz

I am very excited to be planning my first InWorldz Sponsored Event & Hope to make this event as multifaceted as the theme will allow! With this in mind I have contacted the Alluring one herself, Raven Dulce of Allure Magazine & Modeling Agency to put together one of her breathtaking shows to co-incide with the theme of our event! The fashion show will be held on Saturday, June 23rd at 12 noon. it will be held at the 4 InWorldz Sponsored Events sims on location.

Raven is handling this end of the event as she would any private fashion show. Fashions will be those which are inspred by the eras we are covering in our Dance On- Dance Off Animation Challenge Event  which would include Fashions of the 1930′s, 1940′s and 1950′s.


Yes you heard correctly! There are Free Shops available for clothing designers to display AND sell their vintage clothing at The Inworldz Dance On – Dance Off Two week Event! Please send a notecard to me, EventsCoordinator InWorldz with YOUR name, YOUR STORE’s Name and best description of what you want to sell! By the term “Vintage” I mean of the era we have chosen fot the challenge- 1930, 1940′s & 1950′s fashions for men & Ladies both. Please title the notecard “Shop Request” and your name. If your clothing line does not contain clothing of this era, it might be fun to try and make a few items!

About the event in general:
InWorldz Dance On- Dance Off Animation Challenge

Each participant  may submit up to FOUR Dance Animations- 4  Singles Dances OR 2 Couples Dances OR 2 Singles & 1 Couples Dance.
The theme of our event is Dances from the 1930s thru the 1950s. All are welcome to enter, Animators old and new!

We will be using the 4 InWorldz event sims and allowing each participant a space in which they can display their entries and allow people to test and enjoy their dances. They will also be permitted to sell the dances they enter at this time. The dances will be on display from our opening on June 18th until July 2nd. There will be an Opening Celebration on Monday June 18th from 4-6 PM, and a  huge Dance Off, Party & Awards Ceremony on the weekend of June 30th through July 1st and final viewing and sale of dances on Monday, July 2nd. Trophies will be presented to the winner as well as  2nd and 3rd place finishers . The First Place Winner will win the cash prize of 55,000 Izzies.

This is a great way to hone your existing skills as an Animator, or perhaps try it for the first time!

Thank you in advance for your interest in this event! If you are a designer wishing to participate in the Fashion Show, please read on and follow up by contacting Raven Dulce for an application!

From EC/Eve/EventsCoordinator Inworldz

And now some information from the Alluring One herself,  Raven Dulce.
Hello Designers!

Thank you for your interest in the InWorldz Vintage  fashion show featuring designs from the 30′s, 40′s, and 50′s!

I will need you to please put the following on a nc and return to me no later than the 25th of May. When I receive your note cards I will be contacting you with further information.

Title note card as follows… InWorldz Fashion Show

  • Store Name:
  • Creator Name:
  • What era will you be featuring designs from? If all 3 please indicate all.
  • Will you be featuring 4, or 5 designs?

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you soon!
Good luck to all of you who participate!
EventsCoordinator Inworldz

Please send any questions or suggestions regarding the fashion show via notecard to me directly, Inworldz, or by email. Thank you. Raven Dulce.   raven.dulce@gmail.com

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