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The Future of Entropia Universe | The Metaverse Tribune
Sunday, August 25th, 2019
The Future of Entropia Universe

by Axe Murderer
Published May 12, 2012

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Planet Calypso from Space

What is Entropia Universe?  It’s what you make of it.  You can play it as a gamer, as a job, or as an investor.  No matter what your plans, playing Real Cash Economy (RCE) MMOs, such as Entropia Universe, is a long term commitment, so it’s good to know what you’re getting into.  Here are some upcoming things to expect soon in EU.

While the teams that create  new planets, like Planet Cyrene, will be adding new creatures to their worlds, the design team of Planet Calypso plans to redesign all of the existing creatures for better visual quality of the game.  It’s possible that the monsters will be completely different from how they are currently viewed.  In fact, as this process has already started, players are reporting that some creatures do appear to sport a new and improved look.  MindArk will also introduce completely new mobs, as well, so it’s anticipated that all associated creatures will be space mobs.

Planet Cyrene Argonaut ClawPets will return to the game, perhaps as early as the end of 2012.  They will be programmed to provide players with options such as riding or flying with them.  Further, additional vehicles are slated to be introduced on every planet in the game, and that includes Mechs that players can drive.

A rarity in EU, is the implementation of a new profession.  Many players will no doubt be excited to learn that plans are underway for an entirely new profession, fishing.  MindArk has confirmed that the system for fishing has been written, so it should be released into the game in the near future.  Expect this to be a challenging skill to learn — it will require a lot of practice to master it.

Kim, from MindArk, has revealed that a combat system upgrade is being considered.  It’s likely that one of the improvements will be the possibility to target different body parts, allowing damage to be based upon the results.

Planet Cyrene Flamethrower Something that will make you want to play Entropia Universe from the first look is the new avatars. Mindark are redesigning the total avatar system so that the avatar visuals will be top of the line, as in comparison with any other game out there. It will be a very advanced avatar system with new functions such as tattoos on different parts of the body, to be able to control body hair, the density of the hair. You will be able to change what you have now, but you will have more interesting hair and beards with physics. The avatars will really look alive. They are also going to redo all the clothes and all the armour just to fit with the new quality of the avatars.
Another big change is scheduled for August 21, 2012. The rewards given by missions will be rebalanced. Some will stay the same, some will be reduced, some will be improved. No one knows exactly how will they change, but if you are smart you will look at the rewards now and do the missions that gives big reward at low levels. For me this is the mission “Kill 1000 Feffoids” and all missions for Rippersnappers, Atrax and Longu.

PVP in Cyrene HUB

So far the PVP (Player vs Player) gameplay wasn’t very popular because the better armor you have the more chance you have to win in PVP battle. And if you are not very rich to buy the best armor and weapons you can’t survive in PVP zones. The first step of making PVP more desirable by all players is already done with the PVP “HUB” on Planet Cyrene. Planet Cyrene just introduced their PVP Token System that so far is exclusive only to Planet Cyrene. In the PVP HUB you will be able to purchase PVP entry tokens to enter one of 3 arenas, each with two different entry costs. Each arena has a different entry cost and gives a different type of reward token for each PVP kill. You won’t be able to use any of your regular armors and weapons inside the Hub. You can buy arenas specific weapons and armor that may only be used in the Arenas, and will not be allowed outside of the arenas, or on any other planet. When you collect the PVP tokens, you can trade them in for different items available at the rewards token NPC Quartermasters. There you can purchase unique weapons and items that will help you in your PVP battles inside the Hub. One important thing to note about the arenas is that skills are all reset or increased so that they are equal. This means that everyone starts with the same set of PVP skills and Health. Another important feature is that the run speed is increased to maximum speed, but there are weapons that can have different effects on your movement. The tokens themselves also have a PED value. So it will be possible to make profit killing other players if you are good enough.
Happy hunting to all and good luck with your missions.

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  • biggesteufan

    EU is nothing more then bugged casino , don`t touch this crap , you will loose your money :) u00a0

  • Butch Carisbrook

    “EU is nothing more then bugged casino , don`t touch this crap , you will loose your money :) ” nnHey look another person that figured he was gonna get rich, lost it all and blames a game for his losses :) plenty of people play the game and manage to enjoy it without losing all their money, you obviously arent one of them, poor player blames a game for their own actions.

  • Guest

    Funny. So far it paid my car in full and giving me a nice boost economically speaking each week now CLD’s are here

  • Kharus

    u00a0EU is a virtual life, when we reflect and analyze what we do in this world you can play ad eternam with a small initial contribution. (I play since January 2008, I deposite $ 1300 and I ‘currently have $ 4,100 in the game in the form of deeds of Calypso not to mention my hardware, oF CASH background and my skills) But as in real life, everyone can not become a millionaire …

  • Josh Zuke Ganymeade

    Great article! Really glad to learn about the fishing profession.  Wish that one of the changes was being allowed to know how many people where currently inworld.   I have just become active again with entropia universe my in world name is Josh Zuke Ganymeade . 

  • salty

    I enjoy reading the in-depth articles and seeing what people on both sides of the coin feel about this MMORPG. I belong to a group of people known in the Game as BIG Industries, I have been playing the game now for just over 3 years and have deposited a fair amount of money into the game to invest in the virtual property and DNA that is offered to people interested in the land management aspect of the game. Our group consist of four players one of which has never deposited a single cent into the game. (Blastoise Meculus) The amount of time we invest varies but it has been more lately with release of http://universe.entropialife.com
    and our player sponsored event where we are giving back $100,000 Project Entropia Dollars (PED) to Entropia Universe players. May 1st – June 15th 2013.

    The game has certainly paid back the four of us, our priority is the community we serve so the Rewards Program has been a successful way to reward our players for hunting or mining on our land areas. Recently we implemented the ability for teams to also get Rewards. The Rewards program gives a player or a team 2 points every time they global or Hof on one of the BIG Industries land areas. You can redeem your points for in game PED or real life prizes like Visa Gift Cards, Alienware Computers, a year supply of Red Bull, and other expanding prize categories as the program further develops.

    This game more than likely will not make you rich over night, but with a set goal and a good attitude you definitely can enjoy the remarkable graphics, the social aspect, and complex game play that will provide unlimited hours of entertainment. Good Luck out there and hope to see you all soon in game!

    Grimyth Salty
    Big Industries

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