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Meet David Wolfe: WW II Reenactors Society | The Metaverse Tribune
Monday, June 1st, 2020
Editorial: Meet David Wolfe: WW II Reenactors Society

by Mimi Juneau
Published May 16, 2012

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Last week , I met David Wolfe in my store. He invited me to have a look at his sims here in Inworldz ! My god, I was soooooo impressed !

DAVID WOLFE A man with a vision.

David is the founder of the group World War II Reenactors Society.  He’s the owner of 6 wonderful sims, here in Inworldz ! I asked David if he was a marine. He said no, but he had military in his family. His grandfather was a sea captain in WW II , he told David amazing stories, of course. David’s vision is to gather together a group of modelers, role players,  historians and other interested parties to recreate a WW II environment , simwide.

A sailor takes his repose...

As prices in other worlds were too high or sims were not running good enough, he found his perfect world here, in Inworldz. He’s here with his RL wife, Maralissa Wolfe, who shares his passion.  Although she loves Victorian , vintage dresses more :)

I asked David who else was involved here, because this must have been a hell of a job ! He mentioned: Tink Puddle, Rasberry Crystal and Angelcat Wingtips, who made some custom sculpts for him. Ivanglass Randall has a 1940′s Hollywood sim , he said. Seems Ivanglass wants to join the sims to form a domestic public area with his 2 sims.  I think it’s a wonderful idea to join domestic and war zone, reflecting the experiences of people, both civilian and military of this time.

DAVID WOLFE Bikini Atoll

David’s dream is to make a virtual place, where all nations are to be represented, not in any form of guilt or glory, but as a human story. (All nations had their criminals but also their heroes) Because this is our story, of the people of the earth. We must understand why we do what we do and then we learn, he said. The greater challenge in the future will not be man versus man, but it will be human kind setting out to space.  But in that we are all soldiers, and we must learn from those who walked before us. These virtual reality communities pave the way for a communal house. We are from all over the world, living together here, no longer strangers and separated by miles any longer.

Back to his sims now.  He named them Pacific Ocean 1, 2 and 3. The master sims are Bikini Atoll, Guadalcanal and Truk Lagoon. In the future, more sims will be connected for a greater ocean, and let’s hope areas from all over the world will be represented. I told David to have a talk with the founders, maybe they can ad some open water sims, as what David does in IWZ is amazing :)

After visiting some of his fantastic boats and sceneries, he got a small boat to take me on a tour. (warning: keep your hands IN the boat, I saw so many sharks there. Build by tunes Meness of 2Xtreme)

Btw, visitors can use these boats too. You can find them on the NAVAL BASE BIKINI ATOLL.

David showed me some fantastic ships, like :

  • CVL – 27 the US carrier Langley (the 2nd one, the 1st one was sunk by Japanese)
  • The Destroyer DD 553 John D Henley
  • The Coast Guard Auxiliary Ship LT 464 an ocean going tug boat and repair ship
  • The N3 -s-a1 type small merchant ship

His dream is to build one day a ship like the Enterprise, but that will be about 2 sims long !!! . But it has to sail , omg ! Maybe he has to ask for a meeting with the founders soon, because all this could be an attraction for IWZ.

While you’re there, check his radio stream, it fits so well.  It’s a nice 1920′s stream:

Thank you David for the tour and the talk ! I was so impressed and I’m sure a lot of the people in InWorldz will be too. I wish you all the luck for the future !


Read also this wonderful article  : http://issuu.com/pixelhikes/docs/pixel_hikes/2?mode=a_p

  • Angel_kitty

    Wolfs place is realy awsome :) u00a0 a must see :)

  • http://www.scoop.it/t/inworldz-fun/p/1796440618/meet-david-wolfe-ww-ii-reenactors-society-the-metaverse-tribune Meet David Wolfe: WW II Reenactors Society | The Metaverse Tribune | InWorldz Fun | Scoop.it

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  • Maristelapate

    Drak is one of the best builder i know in sl or another kind of inworld game…i really always appreciate his work in rl…and now in this marvellous world too…congrats dear Drak…from your friend Maristela

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