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Monday, June 1st, 2020
Editorial: ::2XTREME:: in INWORLDZ !

by Mimi Juneau
Published May 22, 2012

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You love trendy design furniture?

You need palm trees, birds, waves etc on your land?

You want to live in  a trendy skybox with furniture ?

What about a crocodile for your beach?  Or a man eating shark ?

Then you have to check ::2XTREME:: of tunes Meness ! :: 2Xtreme ::  Inworldz, offers a wide variety of items, ranging from designer furniture to swimming pools, fish, birds, butterflies and prefabs. And so so much more !! 

tunes is a RL architect of Rotterdam in the Netherlands, he started in SL in 2006; like me :)
I’m proud to call him my friend for a couple of years now.
I was excited when he agreed to follow me into other virtual worlds too.
You can find ::2XTREME:: on the sim MIMI’S CHOICE and REDGRAVE !

When he started in 2006, Second Life was kind of ok, but most of the items were ugly and everything looked cheesy and computer like. He started building his own house and some furniture, uploaded some textures and changed some of the existing objects to make his land look less harsh and more peaceful. He introduced a bit of zen into the computer realm. People really liked the things he  made and asked if they could buy them. Now he’s one of the best known artists in Virtual Worlds !

In his furniture, his minimalistic approach in appearance and textures makes his furniture recognizable. Also the choice of furniture he makes, most of it is based on or are replicas of the furniture of the great designers of the 20th century he admires so much,  like Charles and Ray Eames and Le Corbusier.


sf design Swimming Trunks

Each pack has 4 lengths of trunk.


What makes :: 2Xtreme ::  totally different from other furniture shops is that the furniture is only a small part of the whole collection. Tunes creates a whole world, the world of :: 2Xtreme ::  consisting of houses, furniture, beaches, rocks, plants, birds, fish, paintings and more, much more.
You can find everything to build your world here  !

Tunes is delighted to hear Inworldz is planning to implement physics into the system! Most of his animal creations use the physics engine to swim, walk jump or float around trough the air. Physics is essential to give your sim that lifelike feeling. Did you ever see a bird or a fish swim or fly in the same circles forever?  Well  physics will change that.  It will be possible to have seagulls and parrots swirling around your beach areas, free swimming fish upgrading your waters to coral gardens full of life and butterflies and hummingbirds zooming trough your garden.
Most of all, he’s looking forward to being able to introduce his free swimming dolphins into Inworldz.  With their always changing jumps they light up your day anytime !

YOU CAN FIND ::2XTREME::  AT MIMI’S CHOICE SIM in search or check the profile of tunes Meness or Mimi Inworldz.

Delish Bikinis In All Possible Layers!


  • Justin Meyer

    Love this store.. top quality!!

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