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Nitely on Kitely | The Metaverse Tribune
Sunday, June 16th, 2019
Editorial: Nitely on Kitely

by Marstol Nitely
Published May 22, 2012

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When I sent a late afternoon query to Kitely I didn’t expect to be Skyping face to face with Co-Founder and CEO Ilan Tochner less than two hours later. It was in the wee hours of the morning in Isreal, Mr. Tochner’s home base, but he was anything but tired. He had a lot to say. In future columns (and today), I’ll try to cover some of the things we talked about.

How would you like a sim with 100,000 prims, for free?

Kitely is one of the best deals around when it comes to virtual land. You can have an entire sim (world) with a previously unheard of, 100,000 prim limit. Do as you like with it, for free. The catch? You have to pay for your time in world. You get a certain amount of minutes for free, depending on the tier group you pay for. The minutes range from 120 with the free plan to unlimited minutes on the Platinum Plan, the most expensive at $100 a month. With Platinum you can have 5000 Kitely credits per month and up to 100 worlds with 100,000 prims each. There are also $5, $20, and $50 plans with varying amounts of worlds, minutes and credits.

Additional minutes can be purchased with Kitely Credits (KC). Buy 1000 KC for $5 and spend 1000 more minutes in world. Spend more and there’s a discount. For $20 you get 5000 KC at a 20 percent discount. The best discount is 33 percent and 15,000 KC for $50.

Don’t miss Karima Hoisan’s free world, the beautiful, surreal Water and Glass.

Some Kitely world managers choose to pay for their visitors’ time on their worlds. The world manager pays 1KC for each minute each visitor spends there. The visitor’s balance of minutes is not charged, essentially making these worlds free to the visitor.

Worlds that pay for visitor minutes say “FREE” under the “Enter World” button. You must be logged in to see this feature.

Visit Lawrence Pierce’s artistic and complex Serenity Island for free.

It’s a little over a year since Kitely went into public beta. There have been a lot of changes since then and those changes have been fast and furious in 2012. But before going into the improvements that are already in place, I’d like to address some exciting augmentations set to occur in the near future.

Next two big changes

The next change will allow more flexibility for how residents use their KCs. Kitely users will be able to tip each other and use KCs for purchases. Tochner warns that Kitely won’t be setting up a way to exchange KCs for cash at this point. That will be added after internal anti-fraud mechanisms are in place. Some enterprising residents have already found ways to monetize their goods using paypal and/or websites.

The other really big change involves mega regions. Tochner talked about adding mega regions with the land equivalent of 16 regions. I’ll cover more about that next week.

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