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Editorial: Mystickal Tymes the Revisit

by Stary Dreamscape
Published July 25, 2012

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Back in December last year I visited Mystickal Tymes for the first time and I have to say, I was very impressed. I have been back several times since and the amount of changes that have happened there, I just had to do another write up about the place.

The same magical vibe is still there, if not more so now they have added another sim, but not only have they added another sim, but they have added so much more to what was already an awe-inspiring region.

I started my visit at the new Sea sim just because I thought that I had already seen what they had to offer in the other area’s. It wasn’t long before my eyes cleared and I could take in all the splendor that was ready to meet my eyes. Now I could see, I spotted something right in front of me that I could not ignore for a moment longer. It was a stationary tall ship right in the middle of the sea. I love tall ships and have a love for pirates in particular (I think it could be the romance of it all, or it could just be the fact I love the Pirates of the Caribbean so much). I headed straight over to survey the ship for myself. For some reason I did not go below decks to check it all out. I noticed a gang plank to the side with a ladder heading down over board.

I was intrigued enough to follow my instincts and head down the ladder. It took me to a platform over the sea. Curiosity may kill the cat, but I find it one of the best things in my arsenal, that and the love of exploring. There was a structure before me, it seemed to be an elevator of some kind. I couldn’t work it out at first, but then I figured, it must go to something underwater. I called the car and sat, not totally expecting to find when I arrived at my destination. The elevator did go underwater to what looked like a mermaid viewing area. The capsule was small, but you could see all of the sea life along with mermaid homes and little area’s for mer’s to hang out, including a sunken castle. I could have stayed there for hours watching all the sea life swimming around, but to my disappointment, there where no mer’s around. I have heard they are shy creatures so maybe they where keeping themselves hidden for the time being.

I headed back up the elevator and back to the surface. I looked to the left and saw a lovely lighthouse. I decided not to visit though, as I thought that it would be an idea for you to visit and explore a little yourself. I can not take away a bit of the explorer that is in all of us.

I looked across the water and I was delighted to see a water slide. So I donned my bikini and headed over to have a little fun, after-all, an explore has to have a bit of fun now and then, its not like we are robots that just keep running all day, we have to have a little fun as well (not that exploring isn’t fun, I find it the most rewarding thing to do, but just now and then, I like to have a little silly fun). I got to the top of the slide, sat on the inner tube and pushed myself off. I couldn’t help but yell “Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” all the way down, it was such fun. Close to the water slide there is a Ferris wheel and a merry-go-round as well which you can ride for free.

I received a message from one of the owners of Mystickal Tymes while I was walking about, Airaoch Macbeth. He welcomed me to the region and wished me a pleasant stay. He also said that if I had any questions, to message him any time to ask. I thought this was a great touch, a personal welcoming from the estates owner. I thanked him and said I had no questions right now, but would it be ok to contact him at a later time if I did have any. He said it would be fine.

I went on with my explorations, I headed toward the village with its eclectic array of different stores, but before I reached it, I saw a small door to my left, I couldn’t help it, I went through and found myself transported to a motorbike race track, an interesting place. It was defiantly a lot different than what I had just left with its care free sort of feeling. I noticed another small door on the side of the gas station and I could not help myself once again. I opened the small door and crawled in on hands and knee’s. I had arrived at a freshly built maze. It looked easy to start off with, but it wasn’t before I noticed something … the walls moved. It made it even harder to find the exit but I wasn’t put off by this, I was determined to find the exit. After about half an hour of turn left, right and turning completely around, I managed to find the exit, I felt rather proud of myself.

I had to leave the maze, or I would not have time to visit other changes in this wonderful place.

I headed down into the village to see what changes had been made there. I wasn’t disappointed, I found a free arcade, many different games tables in the walkway between stores ranging from Mah-jong to Greedy. I had to come back now, I love Mah-Jong and Greedy. I did notice more stores in the Sea sim (as you will see from the pictures) so there is most certainly a wide variety of shopping possibilities.

I decided to message Airaoch Macbeth and ask him just a few questions about the place and what the plans for the future where.

Below is a short but very informative interview I had with Airaoch Macbeth and Bogart Bloobury.

Q. How long have you had The Mystickal Tymes group of Sim’s.

A. It all began in August 2010 with the First two sims. Mystickal Tymes and Mystickal Tymes Forest. Then we added Mystickal Tymes Village in April 2011. Then Mystickal Tymes Sea was in March 2012.

What is the connection between the SL area and the store in RL?

Hemetro’s Mystickal Tymes was founded on April Fools Day of 1976 and was acquired in 1994 by Rev. Edward F. Kimble & Rev. Eric Burton Lee, high priests and elders of real life coven Circle of Ancient Paths. Their vision of bringing wiccan and magickal study to all who desire it has been an enchanting journey. Known as Mystickal Tymes today, it is a resource for all your magical needs.

They have brought this magical educational process to Second Life to continue the educational opportunities for those that prefer to visit online. Even when there is a club event or concert here in SL, the view on screen and the music stream are brought to Mystickal Tymes in RL, with an avatar logged in on one counter top PC for anyone to give it a try or make requests of the DJ’s.

What are your future and expansion plans for the region?

There will be additional sims for private island rentals to help support the Estate project and several other themed areas to incorporate spiritual practices throughout history. The possibilities are limitless.

What would be the most interesting area for new people to visit in Mystickal Tymes?

The castle! It’s one of the largest in SL. Not everyone will rez one for use because of its massive prim count and size. It takes up more than 3/4 of the sim. We were lost in it ourselves until we decorated. Furniture became landmarks at that point. No sim has enough prim availability to furnish all of its rooms. there are free educational classes in a few of the longest hallways to learn everything from Herbalism to Tarot.

Anything else you wish to add?

Mystickal Tymes, Inc. was established to enlighten, inform and help people connect with their spiritual identities. By paying careful attention to our inner voices, we can learn a lot. You will find here information to heal body and soul, improve your relationships, and guide you toward the choice and realization of your goals. To discover the uncharted territory of body and spirit, drop by Mystickal Tymes. You are always welcome to explore, discover, and be enchanted into the realm of magick. Blessed Be!

Airaoch would like to thank the Bogart Bloobury estate manager, for his talent in the design of the sims and future projects and with out his help this would never have happened.

After the short interview we all chatted for a while and that’s when I was told that they hold concerts in both the sea sim and up at the motor cycle track. Held every other Saturday at 5pm SLT.

The concerts will be posted on their calendar here:

I had no idea where to go next, so I just wandered for a while, not noting where I was going, I found myself at a set of gates leading into a very tranquil area, bird song filled my ears as soon as I entered. I took a seat and just sat listening to the birds for such a long time, before I knew it, it was time for me to say goodbye to this totally wondrous place.

I know for a fact I shall be going back there time and time again. I have made great friends with both the owners and I treasure their friendship.

This place has to be my personal number 1 favorite place in all of SL.

Want to change my mind about that? Why not drop me a note card in world with a LM to your sim and a reason why you think I should visit.


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