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Monday, July 13th, 2020
What’s Happening?

by Netera Landar
Published September 15, 2012

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There’s an extraordinary amount of news about virtual worlds on the Internet. If you’re not a techie, it can be like another language to you. If you do understand it, you have to make a virtual itinerary just to visit all these creative or musical realms. Then there’s the news you miss because you’re not networking with various groups. So, to make you’re life easier for you, below are tidbits being distributed on Second Life and InWorldz.

InWorldz GLAM FASHION DISTRICT is sponsoring its bazaar Oct. 6-25. According to Avia Lake, you don’t have to be a GLAM renter to participate. Products will be offered on the GLAM sim. Look for one special item under 100Iz. Designers are allowed 10 prims on their cart. There’s no vendor fee, but they will ask for a small commission based on the sale of your special exclusive item.  Inworldz residents can tp here: Glam Fashion District Eden (139, 163, 1001)

In Second Life did you know you can watch movies in a virtual theater?  One place I love to visit is SWEET DREAMS MOVIES in Second Life.  XXXGabiXXX Miami has over 100 movies and serves up fresh popcorn every day. So go alone or with your partner (she even has couple seats).  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Short%20Beach/58/20/22

ANAN EEBUS recently stated that “Curiouser Art Gallery” and the Red Queens Tea Room are closed. He stated that “unVeiled Art Gallery” remains open. Check out the exhibit called “Spirits in Motion.”  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Banior%20Bahoozamoth/28/50/82

SL artists interested in exhibiting their paintings or sculptors should contact Yaiza Galicia of THE CUBE ART GALLERY. The gallery is actually cube shaped and ready to accept exceptional pieces.  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kincora/150/79/2530

Join the WRITTEN WORD GROUP to receive notices of events. Here’s the latest info from Jilly Kidd:

  • Mondays 3PM slt Cookie Town Center THE SOUND OF POEMS hosted by some of SL’s favorite writing personalities. The two performers on stage will read
    poems for you if you pass them on notecards. Poems can be your own or your
    favorites. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cookie/131/128/22
  • Tuesdays 7 PM slt – SHORT POETRY WORKSHOP with Sunnie Beaumont. A
    different poetic form each week to inspire you. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cookie/235/135/22
  • Wednesdays 2PM slt – WRITERS’ CIRCLE OPEN MIC hosted by Imarad Breen and Mikel Baryl, with Jilly Kidd in the back row. The Written Word WRITERS’ CIRCLE on the Waterstage has been held for four years. Bring along writing in various forms to read and receive feedback. This event is in SL Voice but text and
    assistance are also available for those who need it. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cookie/11/244/22
  • The Writers’ Circle also includes the weekly get together of the Poetry Society SL Stanza, the only virtual group authorized by the RL Poetry Society in the UK (which welcomes international members), and Castellatura, Mikel Baryl’s Spanish writing group.
  • Thursday 1PM slt – WOLFIE’S POETRY SURF in Muse Harbour Poetry Gallery.
    Join Wolfgang Glinka for poetry performance and poetry open mic in the rose
    garden poetry gallery. Bring a poem to read or sit back and enjoy.
  • Friday 3PM slt George Orwell House, Written Word. SHORT STORY DISCUSSION GROUP led by Destry Recreant. You can find the short story for each week by clicking on the sign on the table.
  • There’s a social network where you can keep in touch and share your writing while off SL on http://www.writtenword.ning.com
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