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Foxconn Replaces Workers With Foxbot

by Metaverse Press
Published November 17, 2012

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In 3 years, according to Xinhua, the official press agency of the government of the People’s Republic of China,  Foxconn, the wholly-owned subsidiary of Taiwan-based Hon Hai Precision, which employs 1.2 million workers, 400,000 of which are directly involved with Apple products, will deploy 1 million robots to improve efficiency and reduce labor. The robots will be used to do traditional industrial robot work such as spraying, welding and assembling. The program was begun to alleviate labor and growth problems. Foxconn has begun to deliver and install 1/10 of the 300,000 Foxbots ( pictured above ) projected for the end of 2012. This deployment will more than double the world’s industrial robot population.

Introducing the RoboKind R50 from Hanson Robotics, being offered in two models male and female, Zeno and Alice respectively. In the videos on the web site here the Albert Einstein Hubo – Sexy Robot at first glance looks real.

The robots are coming. Run for your life… the robots are coming !

In the 2009 American science fiction film, Surrogates, based on a comic book series by the same name, Bruce Willis plays FBI Agent Tom Greer who is called upon to investigate the murder of surrogates (humanoid remote control vehicles). These HRCVs allow everyone to live in idealized forms, Surrogates, robots or androids from the safety of their homes where logged in using telerobotics they are able to control the HRCV using wireless connections via an Internet.

The Matrix ,  is a 1999 science fiction film that depicts a world where most humans live in a simulated reality or cyberspace.

Today many people live an enhanced reality via the internet using cartoon like characters called avatars. It is believed one day it will be possible to download consciousness into a computer. At that time given the choice between enhanced reality in the form of virtual reality and existence as a digital avatar in cyberspace or remotely controlled android and robotic reality in the real world, which would you chose?

Read more about robots on The Robot Report.


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