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Role Play Anyone?

by Metaverse Press
Published November 20, 2012

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Over at Second Life Role-play: Tips for Role-playing in the Second Life Metaverse, Gotham City is looking for Role Players.

Many role-play sims are looking for players. The field is getting wider and there are only so many people interested in role-play. There are new sims that want to institute role-play either in whole or in part.

At Gotham you are involved with the super hero, in Crossroads, you are involved with Vampires in The Masquerade. Each of these genres attracts a certain mind set in the player, that is to say there is a person who would be a Vampire but would not be a Super Hero and visa verse.

In most cases a major draw in these sims is some sort of combat. In Second Life there are a number of combat meters as they are called that keep a kind of score. The players who are meter conscious will play in most of the sims where their favorite meter is used. So you have COLA, City of Lost Angels, players crossing over into Crossroads, both are Vampire populations for the most part.

Poaching, recruiting players from one sim to come RP at another is severally frowned upon. Residents can be banned for  life if the GMs feel the infractions is serious enough.

A few of the systems used on SL are listed below.

We attended a recent meeting in a sim that is at the beginning of instituting RP and meters. One of the people  there a player with combat experience was ask what his favorite meter was. After some discussion about the pros and cons of a number of meters he said he preferred the DCS meter.

Each meter will have it’s supporters and detractors, but whether you use a meter or not RP does not have to include combat. And lately many new players don’t enjoy the threat of death and just want to have fun pretending to be someone they are not, like a Vampire or a Super Hero. Some residents are actually frightened to enter RP sims for this reason, even though there is no actual danger, the idea of some kind of defeat or humiliation is enough to keep some people away.

This needs to be addressed by sim owners if they are going to increase their role-playing resident population. With the advent of films like the twlight Saga where in bloodsuckers and werewolves love and care for each other as well as fight there is a growing number of fans that want to RP the romance not the combat.


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