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Sleigh bells ring! Snow is glistening!

by Carrisa Silverfall
Published November 21, 2012

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Are ya listening? In the lane…we’re happy tonight, it’s a wonderful sight…Yes. Christmas. It’s around the corner, think about your decorations and create a whole new theme for this year’s parties!  One of the easiest places to shop for your garland is The Strawberry Box! There is so much to see with a wide range of vendors on display.

Charmed Creations at the Strawberry Box has a packed display of Xmas decorations to look at, like this Gingerbread Man and these Purple and Silver Twinkling trees.  The oversized Candy cane is on my list!

Sleepy Hollow Farms has this nice star shaped table with accessories and this chair fits right in with the tree print pillow.  I love this Gramophone table called the Mousie Night Out complete with Cat and two mice playing away!

Next is Santa’s sleigh and reindeer Advent-ure by Nana Saenz with couple’s poses this is one sweet item that you can use and take pictures with loved ones for your memory book! This Frozen tree is a great addition to your winter wonderland landscape.  If you are looking to make is a Christmas getaway consider one of these Winter Cabins they would make a perfect setting for your Xmas story!

FD Décor has this Rideable Train, great especially for kids of all ages, don’t forget Frosty
the Snowman he is adorable!

Once again PDN has a great Christmas Window Lounge, a wonderful addition to every
home.  It can divide a room into two, give you a place to relax and is already decorated with some Xmas nick-knacks.

Some of these above vendors also have a variety of Xmas trees, garland and poinsettias
to add finishing touches to your Home for the Holiday Season.


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