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4th Oldest Open Simulator Based Grid | The Metaverse Tribune
Monday, June 1st, 2020
4th Oldest Open Simulator Based Grid

by Netera Landar
Published November 23, 2012

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Third Rock Grid is a virtual world awaiting creative possibilities. It is the fourth oldest Open simulator based Grid. The most positive aspect is its genuine desire to care about people. This is continuously witnessed when you attend a 3RG event and the team members are right there beside you participating. But that’s Lazuli Pooraka and the devoted team of world builders.

On a recent Wednesday afternoon, I was granted the opportunity to speak to Lazuli. I gathered my thoughts and sat with him on the welcome area dock. I’ve known Laz since writing an article on 3RG annual ROBStock event. His personality and attitude are always positive.

As his avatar leans back in Gidget’s wicker chair, he tells me, “There are eight members on the 3RG Management Team: Butch Arnold, Songdog Woolley, Gail Kilara, Punk Rock, Sunny Tomorrow, Gidget Digit, Tara Millgrove and myself. We have created a talented and dedicated team over the years.”

Butch started the grid in 2007 and officially opened it February 2008. Butch and Gidget worked diligently in creating the content and terraforming the land. For personal reasons, Butch took a long leave of absence from 3RG, but he recently rejoined the team in October.

“In Feb. 2009, I took over administratively and proposed a model for the community. 3RG Management provided 25 regions for non-commercial use, development, and management. The whole idea behind 3RG was to create a community that was based on “the people” and not financial gain.”

In terms of the grid’s evolution, Laz stated that it has progressed through five different community styles as there have been different community participants involved. The original community kept relatively small for a year. If a citizen in 3RG wanted to offer assistance, they might help develop the community core lands, greet citizens, help establish events, or other functions to help build a community as long as their participation wasn’t for financial gain.

“The 25 core regions are public land, the rest were leased or company owned,” he said. “There are nine regions in the center developed as a showcase. Surrounding those is a ring of navigable water regions. In the future, we hope to have boats and planes. Right now we can’t cross regions in a vehicle.”

What you can expect to see there is the United Federation Star Trek, live music clubs, games, exploration, quests, shopping and building. More information is available on 3rd Rock’s website at www.3rdrockgrid.com. Be watching for the 6th annual ROBStock Festival in a few months. The three-day fest is a fundraiser for Doctors Without Borders.

As far as planning for the future of the grid, it’s done through the management. Meaning one man is not in charge. The entire team must agree upon a particular change. One decision focused on the development of community land. With the core, all land sold would connect through walkways. This motivates residents to explore other sims. You’d be able to walk around the entire core, actually roller skating would be easier. Helpers are constantly improving the 3RG experience, sprucing it up for the future.

Word has been getting out about 3RG’s belief in treating people with respect, being helpful, fair, everyone knowing everyone’s name, that it’s a family-friendly grid and that people with physical and emotional challenges can thrive on this virtual world. More avatars are being created and coming in-world. Most of the free land offered has been given away on three regions. You have to click the rental box once a month to maintain the land. I’m living on Challis and was told that land will be only $1,000 GOs a month. Where can you get a deal like that for a nice chunk of mainland? Even the free mall is filling up with content creators.

“We definitely want more citizens,” Laz said. “We want to be better in a virtual world than you see in real life, where everyone gets a chance. We want a community of people that treat each other with respect and we want to have a nice mix of products.

The owners want a secure, stable, available, content protected grid. You should be able to log in and the grid is active.

“We want our citizens to be a family, to feel comfortable and safe,” Laz told me.

Clearly, the heart of the grid is one special club. Don’t forget to check out Roll Over Beethoven’s venue. I do.


  • http://www.aiai.ed.ac.uk/~ai/ Ai Austin

    4th oldest publicly available from 2008… that’s interesting. How is the list compiled? What were first three?

    Note Openvue grid started on 22-Sept-2007 with 9 regions with OpenSimulator 0.4 and has continuously run since then. See http://vue.ed.ac.uk/openvue/

  • http://www.facebook.com/mark.j.wiseman.9 Mark John Wiseman

    “Grids are listed in the order of appearance, so please add your entry to the bottom of the list.”

    I would guess that is the source of that 4th spot.

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