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Let’s Go Shopping!

by Metaverse Press
Published December 1, 2012

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Happy Holidays and Shopping Celebration to You!

If you find yourself in the gift-giving mood and you can’t find that perfect something for the special avatar in your life (or you’re not quite sure what you want), perhaps this little tour of 9 worthy goodies from the SL Market Place can provide some inspiration.

If you are like us you can never find that perfect something for the perfect avatar no matter how many things you look at they are never good enough. Perhaps these suggestions can provide you with some inspiration.

If your favorite avatar is female, Gothic and likes clothes check out Alexandra Dark, from Quality Designs, one of my favorite stores. The gown includes: blouse, pant, sculpted sleeves, flexi sleeves, 2 different skirts, collar, and a Gothic cross necklace . Comes in a white version. The first pic below will give you the link.

If your favorites avi is male, and enjoys clothes from the 14th to the 17th century then take a look at this suit from Black Opal Designs. It is the Habsburg Suit – Black-Wine, it comes in an Ivory version  also. This suit is a beautifully textured men’s ensemble that includes pants, shirt, vest, jacket, cuffs collar, and cravat. The second pic below will give you the link.

Maybe you are looking for something a little more, rough, or you think she would like it if it was rougher. Here is a Dirty Little Red Dress from Red Sands that includes the belt and boots. The third pic below will give you the link.


Moving away from clothes, let’s look at furniture.

The Garden of Dreams offers, The Desk: a sculpted and very low prim furniture piece. It comes with the Library Chair which has lots of animations in it. On the Desk you’ll find a few items that you could also use for different purposes. The Desk alone only has 2 prims. The first pic below is the link to the SL Market Place Store.

Kismet offers some of the finest builds in SL. Full of rich warm textures.  This fabulous medieval dining set features ornately detailed leather seating for 6 and a studded leather-top dining table. Each chair has a different sitting animation. The set also includes a coordinating oriental rug and pillar candle on a bronze stand – because everyone looks better by candlelight. As a bonus, also included in the box are pewter plates and wine goblets, to complete the setting. The second pic below is the link.

If you are on a low prim diet, look at this. The Scarlet, Linden home low prim living room, bedroom, kitchen by Furniture Passion. This furniture creates a warm, relaxing and intimate atmosphere. Made with good sculpties and textures, has nice details, 160 good animations (132 in the bed) and it is only 94 prims. The third pic below is the link.


Ok, now what? As the saying goes, “Something Completely Different.

The TonkTastic – Combat Mask: ►Features: • 10 Colors • HUD controlled • Straps and Back can be hidden if needed • Multi-directional resizable • Animated! (Put mask on/Take it off) . Tonk Stuff is fantastic. The first pic below is the link.

I love Steampunk. This Dirty Lynx Engineer’s Hat, a multi-gadget Steampunk device is not just another piece of apparel on the Grid. It has some very useful and fun features: With the integrated robot hand it can distribute drinks, hold a magnifying glass and work as a sensor, or just use the AFK sign to tell the world you’re gone for a coffee :)
Dirty Lynx is a fashion brand belonging to Hanzo Blades family.
Check out our website at . The second pic is the link.

If you take lots of pictures of yourself you might want one of these. AnyPose BVH Pose Stand (Now with AnyPose Animator!) Version 1.52.  The AnyPose pose stand is unique in SL as the first pose stand that lets you pose your avatar in nearly unlimited positions. Using HUD or keyboard control, you can adjust each joint of your avatar. The AnyPose BVH version can export the final pose to a .BVH file that can be uploaded to SL as a single frame animation and used without the stand. Now with version 1.5, AnyPose animator is included at no additional charge! Try your hand at making animations! The third pic is the link.


So that’s it. Nine suggestions for your Christmas list. We hope you have a lovely Merry Christmas shopping season.


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