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Editorial: Crazy Spade Roadhouse Awaits You!

by Netera Landar
Published December 4, 2012

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Get off your chopper and come into Crazy Spade. The country roadhouse awaits you, along with a few Budweisers and owner Rocy Pessoa. It’s been around for six months now and serves up Classic Rock, 70s, 80, 90′s popular hits, Country and Blues on a dance-worn floor.  Nothing formal here. It’s very laid back. Dress in hot black leather or show off your great shape with a tight top and short skirt for the ladies. Dudes, just look like the hunk you are.  Bikers would call this place their second home, right along with vampires and furries. You’ll find shopping: V-Twins, Inedit, Amulet, Riders, places to rent and a great bar to hangout in.

New management includes Justi McLeod. You’ll also find a three-level bike track a teleport away. There’s a gaming area with greed and tombstone.

During a busy night, before winter kicked in, DJ Trish Darbyshire talked to me about Crazy Spade. The place was filled with regulars dancing and kidding around. Trish has moved on to open her own beach club since our fall interview.



Asked what makes the roadhouse unique, she replied, “Well, to me it’s different than most in that it really is a team. We like to laugh and have fun and we do things together as a group. Right now we have a Toys For Tots thing going on, as well as a free pink ribbon t-shirt being given out to help raise awareness for breast cancer.”

She continues, “It’s the family atmosphere that makes it unique. We also have live concerts every week now. We’ve had def leppard and zz top tributes. We also have DJs from 8 to 10 in the morning to 8 to 10 at night. When Trish was the DJ, she often gave random prizes. Sometimes to spice things up, they had trivia games.

Rocy rents a large portion of the sim. There’s plenty of shopping, rental stores and even a bull ride out front. DJs and hosts rezz their own tip jars and receive 100% of their tips. Money from the sploders and donations help to pay the tier.

Crazy Spade Roadhouse: Crowley (201, 223, 27)





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