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Once Upon a Time

by Recka Wuyts
Published December 4, 2012

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Anybody who has ever done it knows what it takes to get a sim off the ground, or on the grid. It takes many hours and many L$ if it is done right.

I recently sat down with Joi Price, owner, builder, founder of the new sim newyorkcitysl, at her Opening Ceremonies Media Mixer. Here is the SLURL.

After some picture taking a few of us sat down with Joi .

Recka:  So, Joi. Tell me about your New York.

Recka: May I sit?

Joi: Oh yes.. of course.

Joi: I do have a story, actually… I have tons but, I’ll tell you one.

Sella Serevi: okay… ( gets popcorn. )

Recka:  ;-) ( starts recorder… )

Joi: Okay, so, you guys ready?  Tucked in? (…clears throat )

Joi: Once upon a time there lived a lowly little architect, her name was… Queen,

Queen Badass.

Sparky Convair: lol

Joi:  (Joi laughs ) So, a Queen started building a little city, its 2008, 6 months and 10,000 prims later, she and a partner had opened New Jack City, with damage on and a hood, a chicken spot (Chinese restaurant), basketball courts,  shooting, fighting,  fashion, drama, and chic all at the same time.

Joi: actually it is the same grid she has used for new york city….  but we’ll get to that.

Recka: well anywhere there is fashion, there is drama..

Joi: yes!!!

Joi: so well she was so sick of managing the corrupt judges’ and cia agents, dirty cops, strippers and selling shop space not to mention dodging bullets avoiding rapes in alleyways

Joi: well, she said to hell with it all and left sl…

Joi: a year goes by and Queen sits on her rl throne all alone with her golden crown on a throne in an empty room and she gets the creative itch

Joi: so then she’s like, let me log back on sl and see what the world is like

Joi: new jack city was dead and gone her business partner/best friend left too

Joi: so she entered a sandbox and met a friend, Simone Reverie.

Joi: Simone had a build, cute little apartment but the textures were.. uhm… trying to be tactful here

Joi: lol

Joi: so queen said, “hey, Simone… let me render that for you.”

Joi: she obliged and 101 bond street was born… we sold 50 in a month

Joi: so Queen starts crying to Simone, “We need a new store!”

Joi: But Simone is frugal. lovely but frugal and she refused

Joi: so the Queen starts to look for space: first, 1/8 of a sim and she’s like, if i can get this, then maybe, ….hmmm

Joi: We should see how much 1/4th is, okay maybe a homestead, okay maybe

Joi: Well, if i add this, subtract that, we could…  so she goes on the sl forums and discovers…  now listen up children, there’s a lesson in here somewhere

Akiallah Nowles: all ears

Joi: You can buy a sim from someone else and in the transfer change the name to whatever is available and since her line was called, the apple, after the big apple she started searching for available names…

Joi: the apple, the big apple, apple architects, city, the apple city,  etc

Joi: New York, Brooklyn, Staten Island, they were all yuck

Joi: So she discovers, literally, by chance that, new york city was available.

Joi: She almost cried.

Joi: She bough a full sim for just $400 USD, transfer fees and tier was, wow, included, for one month.

Joi: So, she processes the ticket and the person she was buying it from sends her an email because he couldnt see the name until the ticket was processed on both sides and he commends her for how savvy it was to scoop up the name…

Joi: But, she did and even though she had no plans to build a city you see, it was by accident…

Joi: She had just finished building a 3 month project, 211 prospect, a brownstone

Joi: So she laid the grid down, plotted the same grid from new york city, new jack city*,  rendered  EVERYTHING

Joi: Literally, I mean Queen spent 200,000 L$ to import the thousands of textures and in just 3 weeks she built the entire sim you children see today.

Joi: new york city was born

Recka: by accident.

Joi: On 11.11.11

Joi: Yup, by accident.

Sella Serevi:  wipes a tear from her cheek

Sebastien Luckless: i want to know this queen

Akiallah Nowles: cool

Recka: And no Indians.

Joi: lol, rotf

Like I said, It takes a lot of work. After the build is up, the textures on, the tweaks and adjustment, then, then, you have to sit through these interviews and tell your story again and again and again. And it can’t become boring. You have to keep your spirits high and your friends higher. Because the truth is that many sims fail, even with all the enthusiasm and energy people put towards these efforts, they can fail. And the thing isn’t finished once you have it built, you now have to get people there, that is an ongoing battle, a never ending struggle for truth,  justice, ….  ???

Wait? This is New York not Metropolis, but in the end it will take a Queen and maybe a Superman to make it fly.

Good Luck Joi.

The “Fashion Capital of SL” is hosting a 12 day “Golden Apple” celebration through  12.12.12, with thrilling events, a hunt for delectables,  you’ll need to adorn yourself for the fashion show, pinch your pennies at the sample sale, stretch before dancing in sync with their flash mob, and pull out your most mysterious mask for the murder mystery masquerade ball. It is all happening in the Big Golden Apple of New York City .

For inquiries or to commission The Apple Architects | New York City for your next project, please contact:

Joi Price at

Owner | Architect | Visionary

N E W   Y O R K   C I T Y

Send all inquiries to:  |  (347) 770-2775

or view the C O N N E C T tab to contact a department



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