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12 Days to Christmas

by Carrisa Silverfall
Published December 5, 2012

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As I scramble around the grid looking for some unique gifts, trudging through the snow wishing I had a one horse open sleigh to help me get around. Hurry, hurry. I check my list twice to see who has been naughty or nice. Will I go crazy looking for the perfect gift?

This time of year we all love and dread at the same time busy parking lots, malls that are packed even with extended hours, with the weather getting colder each day. Even shopping online seems to have its problems with some websites crashing with so many people on it!  Well hopefully some of these gift ideas will inspire you or even better be that perfect gift!


#12 – Circa has this amazing Hollywood Diva set, perfect for all who want to care for their beauty this vanity set comes complete with lighted mirror a hand held mirror and you can also purchase a full length mirror to make sure everything is in place.  With props and poses to help you maintain your gorgeous look by applying lotion and lipstick, and if you want to give a personal interview there are poses for that too.  This is a vanity set that will appeal to all diva’s out there and all their drama filled demands!

#11 – JD Snooker Pool table comes in adult and PG versions, a great gift for those who love to party. You can rezz a variety of items with the balls and pool sticks to give your home a party atmosphere or late night one on one challenge. With multiple poses and felt color changer for the table too.  This is one gift that will look great in your man cave!  Time to rack ‘em up and see who will sink the 9 ball first!

#10 – Pilot – Dellinger desk is an amazing drafting table!  A wonderful idea for the designer in your life this table comes with a variety of drafts to choose from and poses as well, as it comes in both pg. and adult versions.   This is a durable table built with steal legs, while you sit comfortable and plan out all of your ideas, whether it is looking for treasure, building a skyscraper or the next hottest fashion wears this table will please everyone!

#9 – Ozimals are simply adorable pets and a perfect way to teach your child responsibility.  Look into their eyes they are so cute and full of life, hopping around your home exploring everything.  Both Bunnies and Pufflings are provided with food to help them grow while you give them all your loving attention.  I think these little critters are just too adorable, watching them explore, giving them your attention and play game with
them too!

Hurry Christmas, hurry fast, Want a pet that eats, but won’t poop, Maybe you want a hula hoop, Me, I can hardly stand the wait, Please Christmas, don’t be late.



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