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Editorial: Let’s Eat

by Long Walker
Published December 6, 2012

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Brains.  A  Zombies favorite food. Ever wonder why it is we Zombies like to eat brains? Oh, we eat all the raw flesh we can get our teeth into, if we still have teeth, but we are partial to brains. Ever wonder why?

Well, I have a theory. It has to do with structure. Brains are like the Metaverse, which resembles the structure of the universe, or maybe your computer. Now I am not saying that the Metaverse is a giant brain or a computer, what I am saying is that it tastes like one.

To a zombie the brain tastes like a complex network of systems interconnected by different complex systems all governed by the cosmic laws of dynamics.

Oh, oh..  the joke around the Zombie Lab is that,  A ZZHRmBZMNHAMHA NHABGMNMHRRBM HRMB RZRaRZBGHAmRZ ARNBGHARZZHRNNHAZZBGHAGB BRa GBARMBMBHARHANBG ZZHRmBZMNHAMHA RZRaRZBGHAmRZ AMNMN GHRBBHARNHAGB BRa ZZHRRZmARZZ MNAMNMRZ HRMB GBRaNAmARZZRZ BGARZBGHARZ GANMRZBG MNARBMHA ZZHARZZBMHAN.  hahahahaha   …( a complex network of systems interconnected by different complex systems all governed by cosmic laws of dynamics tastes just like tuna.)  hahahaha

But I are off on a wild goose chase and geese have insanely small brains. So, let me begin with the networks.

Guiding a dynamic system from one complex to another takes some prediction and control, something we Zombies do not have an abundance of. That is one reason we need your brain matter, even though we are no able to digest it, because we are dead. Structural similarities of different networks suggests that some metaversal brain recipes might accurately define Zombie behavior.



The implications for Zombie science are significant. Large scale consumption of brain by Zombies and dynamic networks and the Metaverse being like a brain are asymptotically the same, explaining the underlying structure of the universe itself. As you can see in the graph below:

The structure of the universe in the standard model differs from the structure of the metaverse in many ways, two of which I will touch on.

  • First, the universe is not empty but contains an abundance of brain matter. Therefore it is only asymptotically metaversal, meaning that only at Pacific times, or rebaked times, does space in the universe expand asymptotically the same way as it does in metaverse space-time. In a perfect universe, the metric is ds2 = –dt2 + R2(t)dΩ2, where dΩ is the spatial part of the metric, and function Z(t) is called the scale factor. In Metaverse space-time, the scale factor is Z(t) ~ cosh τ, while in a fat universe containing only gray matter and dark meat, Z(t) ~ sinh2/3 (3τ/2). In both cases, Z(t) ~ eτ is at Eastern times, but at Greenwich Mean times the scaling is different. In particular, at τ → 0 the universe scale factor goes to zero, resulting in a real big brain.
  • The second difference is even more important: the product between the square of inverse curvature a4 = 1/K2 and sprinkling shiny sprinkles at density, that being one causette element per unit Planck 4-volume, is astronomically huge in the metaverse, δa4 ~ 10244, compared to the special humans with a small, average degree, say from the University of Notra Dame.Collectively these two differences result in the present universe being a good place to find brains to eat. Also, a power-law graph, but with a different exponent γ = 3/4 suggests that all of these equations point to real networks being random geometric graphs that grow in space-times similar to the asymptotically metaversal space-time of our accelerating brain consumption.

I might be wrong. You can check my math.

This weeks Pin-up comes from  Myranua over at Koinup. She asks, “Can a zombie be lonely?”


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