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Get Your Partridge, Dove, Hens, Blackbirds, Pheasants, Geese and Swans In A Row

by Metaverse Press
Published December 10, 2012

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You’ve heard the song and know the drill, 12 Days, a different gift each day. In Second Life they love the Hunt. In the Christmas song the 12 Days of Christmas there are:

  • 12 Partridges
  • 22 Doves
  • 30 Hens
  • 36 Blackbirds
  • 40 Pheasants
  • 42 Geese
  • 42 Swans

I can tell you this, yer gonna need a bigger bag to haul all dim boids, Santa.

Here are 5 Golden Hunts to keep you busy during the 12 Day Run to Christmas.

#1. The “Golden Apple” Hunt

Hunt Date: 12.12.12 – 12.24.12  Sim Wide

N E W Y O R K C I T Y You are looknig for 12 Golden Apples sold at 12L each.   All the hints and gift pictures can be found on the blog (click on the earth on the kiosk) at:    All the hunt gifts will be found on the New York City sim (click on the map on the kiosk) at: secondlife://New%20York%20City/147/68/23

~ * ~

#2. 12 Days of Christmas Hunt

Hunt Date: December 14th., – 25th., 2012   Grid Wide

Click the board at the start location and other locations to receive a notecard with all the information you need to participate in the hunt. Look for the candycane with the big red bow click it and purchase your gift for L$0. 19 gifts in this hunt.

~ * ~

#3. 12 Days of Christmas

Here is an Educational Hunt based on the 12 days of Christmas carol. A flying swan sleigh is the grand prize.
Hunt Date: Dec 1 to Jan 6   Sim Hunt

~ * ~

#4.  New Chez Moi Xmas Hunt

The CHEZ MOI FURNITURES Xmas Hunt has 10 quality goodies to brighten and decorate your home.

Hunt Date: December 1st to 25th  Sim Wide Hunt


~ * ~

#5. The 12 Days of Christmas HUNT

Adults Only
Welcome to Velvet Manor.Club Velvet Manor is a strip club & will not be suitable for SL family or children. This Hunt consists of one hidden item each of the 12 days between 13th and 24th of December. To get all of them, you will have to come back every day and collect the daily item with the clue to the next one.Each item is hidden somewhere in the Mall area, inside the shops or outside, but NEVER on the stage, bar or other staff only areas.

To be able to get the gift you will need to wear a Velvet Manor VIP tag.

Don’t forget to follow the Club Rules at all times while in the sim and follow the directions of the staff members. Let’s make sure everyone has a good time.

~ * ~

Remember to pace yourself and drink plenty of liquids. If you are hauling kids around leave them at the arcade while you take in the Adult Only Hunt.

Have fun. Merry Christmas. Ho, ho, ho.



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