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3RG: Winter Christmas Fashion Show

by Netera Landar
Published December 12, 2012

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Merry Christmas. The stage is set and lace-covered tables and plump white chairs surround it. Matching market stands border the viewing area, awaiting the latest in-world fashion trends. You can feel the energy, Peekaboo Modeling Agency has slated the first monthly fashion show on Dec. 22, at 4PM, 3rd Rock time, online in 3RG.

The Winter Wonderland Christmas Fashion Show will be held on the sim Bazaar, right next to Coffee and Chat’s location. The event’s creation was inspired by Heavenly Angel, Brenda Quorzar, Ally Tearfall and Megan Cline.

“We want to help the community see all the wonderful fashions and accessories we have here on the grid,” explained Cline as we sat in the viewing area with Punk Rock late one afternoon. “No matter if you’re a big or small name creator, it’s meant to be a showcase of the new merchants.”

There are no merchant fees to have your skins, shapes, hair, jewelry or even shoes shown to 3rd Rock Grid’s residents. Participating merchants include Ashland, Wallflowers, Zoomtada, MC Design and ThirteenTH.. Two slots are still open.

“Their clothing will be shown by models as the MC tells the audience about the outfit and the designer who made it,” said Cline. “We don’t want the models to change their look unless they happen to be modeling a full avatar for a merchant or skin. We want people to be themselves.”

Angel and Cline are both responsible for the fashion show cat walks design and the layout of the viewing area. Tearfall chose the show’s name. Cline said music will be playing in the background during the event.

“I hope everyone has as much fun as I have working on it,” she told me, adding that she’s the type of person that likes to stay busy.

Abbi Ashland sells shoes and has offered to supply the models with whatever shoes they need for their outfits. Songdog Woolley, owner of Wallflowers, will feature three of her dresses. “Laura” is a tone-on-tone polka dotted design with a multi layered organza skirt and sweet tied-up sleeves. “Arlene” is an elegant cocktail dress with 1940′s and 50′s night clubs in mind. “Juliana” features a full bell skirt of luxuriously heavy satin. The black velvet of the strapless bodice and the gathered overskirt is lightly flecked with gold. Satin gathers from the bodice insert, which is trimmed with sparkly gold piping, and golden snowflakes cling to the velvet overskirt. Gidget Digit, owner of Zoomtada will feature her “Red Temptress Gown,” a formal red satin gown with a sweetheart neckline. Also, her Green Retro Dress and leggings with a belted empire waist. Princess Verwood, owner of ThirteenTH, will show her Pinstripe Vest in Cobalt Blue and Straight Leg Slacks in Charcoal and a Baseball Tee Dress in purple, a sexy little number with three-quarter sleeves and traditional baseball shoulders. To be wore alone or with cute leggings. MC Designs is Megan Cline’s store. She’ll show off her Christmas Fairy Red Outfit with wings; a lovely Holiday suit with a green Christmas neck tie, and a beautiful Holiday gown with a full flowing skirt for that “got-to-have” elegant holiday party.

As for Peekaboo Modeling Agency, Cline said, “We started because the only agency that we have seen always charges a lot and only wants big names. We felt it should be for everyone and free of charge. Cline and three other fashion designers from another grid started the agency.


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