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New DUST Has Guns. | The Metaverse Tribune
Monday, June 1st, 2020
Editorial: New DUST Has Guns.

by Recka Wuyts
Published December 17, 2012

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When the video game industry tries to argue it’s case for violence and guns in games  this could  be an example:   New DUST dev diary has guns, lots of guns

The video shows us a great, neat gun and a heavily armored soldier type enter the room where a real person shows us the gun. What are we to think? What will teens who are easily impressed think? I want one of those.

The warning label for this game is,  Teen  Blood and Violence. The guns are nothing like the ones used in the recent killings but they glorify the gun and the violence and the shooting.

To be fair I was looking for just such an example to demonstrate the point of my editorial.

If it comes to light that this young person, Adam Lanza, spent his days watching violent video games ( at this time it is only known he spent time on the computer he destroyed before leaving his home to go kill ) and going to the shooting range with his mother to practice shooting using her firearms, then who is truly to blame here? It comes down to parental responsibility and education..

Could anyone have foreseen this? Not likely. The news media reports that Mother Lanza was considered a good mom who struggled to take care of her mentally defective son. The boy considered a quite kid, but not violent. Alas.

In hind sight we can look at this and say it is the fault of the video game industry or the gun makers or sellers, but essentially it comes down to the parent being educated enough to understand the dynamics of their actions. If you are unable to perceive the effects of teaching your child to fire a weapon or multiple weapons intended to kill human beings and then watching idly as that child plays violent video games where as the shooter they kill people, then there is nothing any of us can do.

Banning all of these activities, the games, the guns, will not put an end to violence in our society. Where do we start or end; football is violent even at the Pop Warner level, kids are taught to hit, a dad teaching his son to defend himself against the bully at school tells him to punch the bully in the face. The educating should not end there, of course, a perspective must be taught.

Jesus taught us to turn the other cheek.

There are no answers. There are actions we as a society can take. Legislation, Regulations, Education; but perspective is necessary. The resistance to these actions is how much, when, where, for how long and by whom? Parents, teachers?  What role does the media play here? We report on this event or that event until it has “no legs” as they say and then we look for another story to run down. Do we exacerbate the event by shinning too bright a light on it and in the process elevating it to a level of worship for the mentally defective in our society? Do we glorify the violence? Even unwittingly.

Questions. That is what an  event like this creates. And there will be plenty of polls and congressional hearings asking many questions.

In the end, we don’t have the capacity to understand evil such as this. Even after all the questions have been asked, will there be any answer that will suffice

Nothing we do will bring these children back. But we have to do something, we have to try to balance the scales of justice. And one way of doing this is for the game industry to take a look at themselves and the product they provide our children. Teen Blood and Violence. Really?

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