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Light Moved At The Speed Of You | The Metaverse Tribune
Monday, June 1st, 2020
Light Moved At The Speed Of You

by Metaverse Press
Published December 20, 2012

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What it would be like to travel at the speed of light? Over at MIT they are asking, what it would be like if light moved at the speed of you?

“A Slower Speed of Light is a first-person game prototype in which players navigate a 3D space while picking up orbs that reduce the speed of light in increments. Custom-built, open-source relativistic graphics code allows the speed of light in the game to approach the player’s own maximum walking speed. Visual effects of special relativity gradually become apparent to the player, increasing the challenge of game-play. These effects, rendered in real-time to vertex accuracy, include the Doppler effect (red- and blue-shifting of visible light, and the shifting of infrared and ultraviolet light into the visible spectrum); the searchlight effect (increased brightness in the direction of travel); time dilation (differences in the perceived passage of time from the player and the outside world); Lorentz transformation (warping of space at near-light speeds); and the run-time effect (the ability to see objects as they were in the past, due to the travel time of light). Players can choose to share their mastery and experience of the game through Twitter. A Slower Speed of Light combines accessible game-play and a fantasy setting with theoretical and computational physics research to deliver an engaging and pedagogically rich experience.

You can read about, watch a video and download the game here…


Clay Dillow, in PopSci,  ( Experience Relativity Firsthand In MIT Video Game That Slows The Speed Of Light ) writes, “Players experience such relativistic strangeness as the Doppler effect (colors changing as visible light red- and blue-shifts and infrared and ultraviolet light enter the visible spectrum), time dilation (time experienced differently by the player and the space around him or her), the searchlight effect (more brightness in the direction of travel), the run-time effect (seeing objects as they looked in the past due to light’s travel time, the same thing that allows us to look back in time the deeper we look into the universe), and, perhaps most triply, Lorentz transformation (basically the warping of space itself as the player approaches light speed”



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