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Mon Tissu pour Metaverse

by Madison Weaver
Published December 20, 2012

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And now for something completely different.

With the pageant gone and now behind us, we focus back on what we should. Stores. Where to get the best look for your buck. Who has the best style, who’s the most chic? And so we continue our journey through the many stores of Second Life, only to end up in.. Mon Tissu.



Now, this little gem has been around for quite a while, their style has always been, in my opinion, one of the best in second life! And now that they have added mesh to their collection? They’re to die for. Literally, I stalk their Flickr page and beg weekly for a new release. I honestly don’t think I’ve spent as much money in any other store more than Mon Tissu, but they deserve every last penny for the marvelous work that they do.

So, let’s start by talking about their style. It’s very airy and refreshing. Modern chic, I would say. It’s what you would expect to find in your local trendy store. From jeans, to plain tees, and fancy cute little dresses, they really do have it all in there, something to fit every style in second life. And as if that wasn’t enough, then you have the accessories that go with them too! Purses, necklaces, SHOES. What woman doesn’t love shoes? And I own a pair of every shoe in their collection.

The quality? Some of the top quality work I’ve seen done, mesh or not mesh. The mapping and draping work that they do in their shirts is simply divine, and the attention to detail is really what sets them apart in SL. I mean.. in their mesh jeans, Nora, they have loops in their pants, and not flat hoops that just blend in with the over all texture of the jeans, no, they raise slightly, as would normal jeans’ loops, and give a whole new perception on it. Really, I think they were the first to do so, that I could see, but.. honestly, it’s those tiny details that set them apart from the wide world of designers in Second Life.

If you’re a designer, or want to be one, going in to their store, and seeing just how much detail they put into their maps and textures is worth it, you could seriously learn a thing or two. And if you’re just a fashionista like myself, well, Mon Tissu pieces will always get heads turning, just because they’re simply amazing.

In conclusion, Mon Tissu is overall a great store if you’re looking for top notch quality wear. They also have a group named Mon Tissu Soiree, which, for 1,250L You get store credit whenever you purchase in the store, you can receive one of a kind gifts that they have out on their wall at their store, which, my only complaint about them is, I just wish it was changed out already! Been four months! And at times they have special sales only for group members, so.. even though the gift hasn’t been updated yet.. in time, the membership fee pays for itself.

Link to Mon Tissu:

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