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Christmas Zombie

by Long Walker
Published December 23, 2012

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Merry Christmas Zombies.

Here is a department store I feel comfortable in. Freebies Dungeon. Freebies and bargains – Mens and women’s free clothing, hair and fashion wear donated by quality designers. Excellent place for all newbies and Zombies.

Most things are free. I spent 10 L$ on a shirt and jacket combo. You’ll see that later. I bought this snazzy shirt for 0 L$…

  • Shirt: (FD) Camisa Masculina Xadrez Clara
  • Pants: ML* CH 08 PNT    SS Designs Aslan
  • Scarf: vBlack   7 Sins News
  • Shoes: Carl Perkins Wine   Jeepers Creepers

Oh but, first I have to tell you: While I was shopping three vampires tried to pick me up. Actually they ask if they could bite me. Finally I told one of them, “Won’t do no good since I don’t have any blood running through my veins. There is blood there, actually but, it is pretty thick, kinda glue-like and I am afraid if you bite me I might loose another section of my neck, that is if your teeth got stuck and you had to pry them them out or something. I am falling apart fast enough as it is. What type of blood do you prefer? Do you ask everybody you meet if you can bite them? Do you come here often? ”

She did not answer me right away and just kept walking away. I followed her for awhile trying to explain, finally she stopped on the ice and laying a finger the side of her nose, up into the sky she rose. I heard her exclaim as she flew out of sight, “Merry Christmas to All and to All a Good Fright.”

Those Bloodlines Vampires are really friendly, so polite. I saw them ask everybody in the store if they wanted to be bitten. Made me think: I wonder if I could do that. Just ask if I could eat your arm or maybe if you weren’t using it I could lick your brain? I guess it is always nice to be asked. Although I seem to recall something about “No” not always meaning, “No”. But I don’t know what that is all about. My experience has always been when they say, “No!” They mean it.



After the vampires left the real shopping began. I found the shoes and scarf in the closet of the man I used to be. Same with the pants. The skin is new, since I have become Zombie. When I talk to people about updating my wardrobe they always say, “Get a new skin.” I can tell you there is not much choice when it comes to Zombie skin.

One thing about this fashion thing, I have some advice. If you had to walk a mile like a zombie every day, as millions of zombies do, it’s unlikely you’d use your precious steps looking for water to bathe in, much less taking a bath. Who has the time? Zombies aren’t just standing around anymore — we’re lurching, crawling, growling, drooling, ozzing, texting, shopping, watching YouTube and uploading photos of the awesome people we would like to eat.

Each of our bodies is utterly identical, which is lovely, we are all just rotting flesh, no need to give any thought to treating illness. Immersion in water for the sake of cleanliness isn’t necessary, and may just be unhealthy for a Zombie. So, no bathing suits and the sun is deadly, even if you are dead. But, like I said last week, “Changing clothes is a good thing.” and “Image is everything.”

So my fashion tip this week is, keep it simple. Dressing and undressing is dangerous. You can yank a finger off if you get it caught in a tight sweater. So finding this shirt, jacket combination was a real treat. One click and I am ready for Christmas.

Sitting on the ice
Grinning at the snow
Whistling all the way
Jingle to the World
Laughing at the sleigh
Five gold, grǽg trees
Six bells ringing on some bees
Four bleeding shins
And brain pie for dessert everyday

Jacket, Shirt Combo: (FD) cintre-b

Still looking for those Pin-Up of the Week photos. Send them to

Found this Zombie on the FaceBook of Zombie D Girls. I voted for the guy.

Till next week; I kiss you, I lick you.
Merry Christmas

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