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All I Want For Christmas Is You

by Landa Crystal
Published December 24, 2012

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Illustration: Danny Roberts

The end of the Mayan calendar came and went and people woke up in SL surprised to find their pixel bodies intact.   There were nearly no servers down and in RL everything was normal to the shame and embarrassment  of all those who kept the negativity alive with their fear based comments in both worlds.

Ohhhh ... you mean we are all still here ??? LOL

Ehermmmm …. Could if be that maybe the Mayan who calculated and wrote the calendar got really very tired of it and just left it there?  After all he/she could not go on ad infinitum, could he/she?  Still,  I do believe there is a possibility that the date marked a passage, a change; hopefully a positive one. But while people keep expecting the change to be external and apotheosis it probably has more to do with our individual and internal evolution than with anything else outside of us.

Hiding from friends … they almost caught me buying for them at the mall !

Soooooo this also means that since we are all still here I have some Christmas shopping to do … right? And you might too !   If you are like me and left it for later – I mean why shop if the world is ending right?  -  here is my ultimate gift guide as well as linden free ways ways to shower your love in SL …


1.     For the Baldies: You know them and so do I.  They are the ones who complain about being alone in SL and not able to get a date …  ever  !  Except maybe with the 1 hour newbie.  You look at them and notice that the women are wearing freebie ´06 hair and the men are usually in their skin´s  tattoo hair layer.  Although I personally do not mind this look in men, I have to admit that it is not popular.  I can attest to lives literally changing overnight when Avis got proper hair. Improve the romantic love life of your baldy friends and give them hair !!! and while you are at it,  make it mesh if they have a mesh enabled viewer.

2.     The ¨I don´t really need shoes in SL … ohhh I ´m fine ¨ types: I am sure you have noticed the ubiquitous pair of freebie black pointy stilettos that, gasp, constantly bling and flash on some  girl´s feet as well as the over-sized and ill fitting  light colored ones with square-ish toes on the men.  Or much worse, the guy who straight out tells you one does not really need shoes in SL. Ignore the latter and help the former.   The latter is beyond help.  Invite them to your pad and serve them tea instead.  If they get romantic, arrange a call from your brother.  Hey, it´s worked for me !

3.   The girls who put all her assets on display: Steer her away from total vulgarity and shameful chaos and more towards femininity and elegance to  demonstrate that you don´t have to show it all to grab all the attention.  A well thought out and lady like ensemble will have the same effect. Get them one and buy your ticket to eternal salvation …  I mean it !

4.     The shake your bootie girl and the stiff man: Yes I am talking about the girl with ¨ that ¨ AO … the one that makes her boom go all the way down while wriggling the hips left and right and back again. As for the stiff man, what we mean by that is the senselessly AO less guy who walks around like a newbie although he is not.   Several brands carry free HUDS which you can then fill with poses. Taking the time to choose the poses is THE real labor of love.

5.     For the person who did you wrong: Forgiveness. And if they show an acknowledgement of what they did to you and they are honestly sorry then and only then you might consider befriending them again.  Otherwise stick to forgiveness only hehe !

6.     Your next door neighbor: Cam into their space when they are not there and find out who their favorite furniture and décor designer is, then give them a gift card from that store so they can choose their item according to their taste and sense of style.

7.     Your Landlord: Nothing!  Thehehe … they are the ones who should thank you for your business.  Right ?

8.     Your Editor Boss: Show them you care by submitting your articles on time…right Boss ?

9. Your Model Friends: Give each and ¨X¨ amount of vouchers to go see them and cheer for them on the runway.  They might not realize how much of an effort on your part it takes to support them this way.¨ Oh my friend´s here for the clothes¨ …  they say … nahhhh …  not really !

10.  For the one who got away: Space !

11.  For the one you truly love: Acknowledge your feelings then surrender while you look into their eyes and say …¨You´re the one kid.¨  Remember Mr. Big?

12.  For the friends who are always inviting you to go dancing, hang out, or explore – fill in the blanks…   Give them all the gift of time … YOUR time.  Give them a little or a lot of yourself.  Acknowledge the ones you truly love and don´t underestimate the power of the love they feel for you.  After all it´s possible that in their heart of hearts they are saying that all they truly want for Christmas… is YOU !

¨ Well or course there is no Santa … right? … RIIIIGGGHHHHTTTTTT ????

  • Long Vest Lush – Mo hair Mo Problems in Baroque
  • Tights – Maitreya
  • Turtleneck – Sleepy Eddies (Vintage)
  • Jewelry – Finesmith

From me and all the Staff here at The Metaverse Tribune…Happy Holidays !



Landa Crystal
VR Writer, Photographer, Model & Stylist
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