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She’s Back ! Botgirl’s Return.

by Metaverse Press
Published December 27, 2012

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She said, “Goodbye Until 2013.”

And now she is back.

“This blog began as a place to play around with ideas springing from active participation in avatar-based experience. Over the years it somehow transformed from the spontaneous and exuberant joy of a playground into the demanding grind of a deadline-driven responsibility. The main insight I gleaned from my month off is that I want to lighten up, have more fun and just post as the Muse moves me.

I also realized that although this blog began as an exploration of virtual identity, that territory is now pretty well charted for me. It’s time to move on. Not by walking away from the Botgirl identity, but by continuing to open up the door to a wider range of expression here.

In honor of that shift, I decided to change the name. Again. The last name change (Botgirl’s Second Life Diary to Botgirl’s  Identity Circus) reflected an expansion from Second Life to the larger universe of virtual identity. This time, the shift is from virtual identity to digital creativity. The new name is Botgirl’s Digital Playground.”

We had high hopes Botgirl would return.

  1. First: We think it is is safe to say that Botgirl influenced us, that she drove a narrative most of us read about and considered in our growth as avatars and virtual beings on a search for identity.
  2. Second: Although we feel there is a need to publish everyday not just a few times a week,  Botgirl’s essays have always had much more depth and insight than the news of a sim opening so, whatever you can give us, “Girl,” will be greatly appreciated. More than we can say.
  3. And: It will never be time to retire the Botgirl persona. Botgirl emerged into a new world, a world that is still in it’s infancy. Change is good, we all change, we grow, and at times we feel the need to re-prioritize the elements, re-focus the expression of being and return to explore and express our view of the world, a world you are part of, Botgirl.

When you were a child, you thought as a child. So our girl is home. Botgirl is back. To share with us every creative idea she may feel the desire divulge.

We’ll be reading her new blog:  Botgirl’s Digital Playground.


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