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Fall’s Prey: Epilog Part 1

by Ghost Writer
Published December 28, 2012

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Azwacto Zehetbauer, God has put a White Tiger inside of you.

The spirit of the White Tiger brings the courage and fierceness of a soldier with ethereal, magisterial dignity. One who is blessed to have The White Tiger inside them, is here to seek Truth. In order to thoroughly understand and absorb the lessons and responsibilities of this role, the White Tiger Soul must live in the shadows. This divine spirit guards the souls of man and destroys the evils that would subdue them. The soul of the White Tiger is pure.

The White Tiger, came to AZ, not from an elixir, or from the blood of another human being, but by seeking release from a broken heart and giving himself to another. A love, pure and unguarded, granted to a vampire who deserted him, forced AZ on a trek for salvation and recovery.

AZ, forlorn, heartbroken, deserted by his vampire lover, Emilia, had stopped eating, remained cloistered in his room at the inn in Crossroads until some employees of his father’s stage company collected him and brought him home to Vienna. Once he arrived his father did all he could think to do for his son. He hired the finest doctors, Freud, Jung, others, they used every means, drugs, hypnosis, shock, all to no avail. AZ’s tales of vampires, evil faeries and every imaginable nightmare; losing his soul to this woman, all of it delusional to the doctors, the ravings of a lunatic.



After a meeting of the board of the company AZ’s Father owned, a stock holder, a Japanese businessman traveling with his Shinto Shaman, a miko named, Marisa Kirisame, suggested that AZ consult with her. A private chateau in the mountains was secured for them. Marisa, a high powered magician began to treat AZ. As he spent more and more time with Marisa, AZ began to improve, soon after, The Spirit Of The White Tiger chose him. Azwacto was transformed.

Women have always played an important role in the affairs of men. From a region stretching over Manchuria, China, Korea, to the Ryukyu Islands of Japan these women were priests, soothsayers, magicians, prophets and shamans, and they were the chief performers in Shintoism. These women were called miko; a miko is a woman possessed by gods and spirits, who uses ecstasy for divining and driving out evil spirits, the purpose of which is to serve mankind by preserving life and bringing happiness to man. Marisa was Hiro Kawagami’s employee and companion to his daughter; her primary job was as a translator but she also had healing powers according to Hiro.

On a cold winter night tangled in the throes of ecstasy, AZ gave himself over, allowing the evil in his heart and soul to be displaced by the spirit that now inhabits his being. At least that is what he thinks. AZ believes that a man cannot seek the White Tiger, he has to be chosen. And on that bleak winter night AZ was chosen. He had a vision, he saw himself bearing the miko on his back, leaping from the void in his heart to the open field of his mind, then bounding into the darkness to search out and destroy the evils of the vampire.

Psychosis is a loss of contact with reality that usually includes: False beliefs about what is taking place and seeing or hearing things that aren’t there. AZ had all of these. Combine his experience of having been seduced, bitten and deserted by a vampire, then forced to undergo the treatments his father’s doctors put him through coupled with the gentle overwhelming compassion provided by the miko and it was no wonder that AZ went very clearly insane. He believed his hallucinations and began to act upon them.



~ To Be Continued ~

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