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2012: Leaving It Behind…

by Landa Crystal
Published December 31, 2012

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Illustration: Danny Roberts

Cracking Open 2013

About To Crack!

The capacity for growth and evolution of the human mind is alive and kicking in our Second Life.   I continue to be amazed at the many ways in which we interact.  We have done this almost to the point of becoming a separate Nation.  What I mean is that,  independently of our countries of origin and the languages we speak, Sl residents have become a breed apart.

Even though we are still to be accepted by mainstream society (I bet at least someone in your family thinks you´ve gone sideways)  we have become a multilingual and multi-cultural Virtual Country.   Understood only by our fellow  citizens, the SL resident continues to find ways in which to innovate and create virtual worlds and lives that,  in spite of our occasional boredom, continue to hold our long term interest.

Once we have mastered the art of virtual roaming and living in SL, why do we keep coming back?  My guess is that in spite of its virtuality, Second Life is just at real as any other thing in our lives.  Like a parallel, yet real.   As Anthropologist Tom Boellstorf states ¨an actual person’s virtual embodiment in a virtual space is as “real” as the surrounding environment. ¨   We have indeed become multidimensional beings.

Landa Crystal Sat on a Wall Pondering Past, Present and ... Her Many Lives …

In 2012, like most of us, I went thru a whole spectrum of feelings regarding my SL experience.   Awe, bliss, pain, torture, drama, happiness, love and sighs … boredom.    The latter caused me to re-gather my energies and pour them back into my First Life.   Having done so for a while has actually served to improve my SL experience.   In other words,  taking time out can be a cure for boredom.  After all our SL is our time out of RL and our RL is our time out of SL.   In perspective, achieving this balance has made me a more grounded individual in both lives, and this is something that I find key to happiness.

With 2013 about to crack open for us, I realize that the things I ´ve learned along the way this year put me in a better position to try and make 2013 a rewarding experience.  I hope this is the same for you.

My Top 10 List To a Happy 2013

  • 10. Fab Shoes and Clothing.   It gives you something to look forward to in SL and it does not necessarily need to cost you a Linden.   Check out the Marketplace and your favorite stores for freebies.
  • 09. A cozy home.  I am currently in love with Skyboxes and the protective cocooning feeling they provide me.   But be it a parcel, a sandbox or a skybox make it your own.
  • 08. The Good Building Practices Wiki .
  • 07. Technical Skills – Keep abreast of new technologies to apply to your SL and embrace change; it’s the only constant.
  • 06. Acceptance.  If you want it, give it first.  Accept people for who and  what they are.  Most likely they will retribute.
  • 05.  Friends.  Share the love! And keep in touch with them.  It´s easy to lose touch with friends when we are in  different time zones.
  • 04. Setting boundaries.  Don´t let people use you.  Stop it the moment you detect this, especially in a professional environment.  Do not allow for manipulations.
  • 03. Natural Selection:  Learn from past mistakes and cut off the ¨nasties¨ from your life.  You need to make space for the good ones.
  • 02. A super computer that exceeds max requirements so you can take advantage of all SL functionalities without missing a beat.
  • 01. Freedom:  The most amazing and loving gift we can give anyone.  Avoid restricting your friends in any way or form.  Give them the freedom to come and go as they need and please.    You will find that when you do, they might stay.

Almost There and Dancing !

What I Liked Best from SL 2012:

1.   Direct Delivery from Marketplace purchases (yes I shop at the marketplace quite often actually).  Its faster and makes it easier for me to find my purchases in the inventory.
2.     Mesh, Mesh, Mesh !  I am just in awe of it.  I love it.

What I Liked Least
The dunebuggy and railcar offered to Premium members.  Write me and I will explain why.    I still have not tried the biplane.

What I Look Forward To
The CHUI user interface set for total release early in the year that will combine all inworld communication options into a specific place in the viewer.

What I love Most
Indeed YOU ! All of you.
Thank you for a wonderful and most memorable 2012.

Now let´s crack open 2013 with a blast !!! …
Happy New Year !!!!

Cheers !


Styling Info

  • Boudoir Crack Me !  Egg Avi  – Boudoir
  • Lace Boots – Boudoir
  • Vintage Fishnet stockings – Domino Fashions
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