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Fall’s Prey: Epilog Part 2

by Ghost Writer
Published January 6, 2013

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The Zehetbauer Family had ties to the Catholic Church in the form of the wife of a former member of The Centre Party in Vienna, which represented Catholic interests in the court of Kaiser Wilhelm II. In the summer of 1897, Maria Anna Rosalia Beccadelli di Bologna, Principessa di Camporeale, Marchesa di Altavilla, an accomplished pianist and pupil of Franz Liszt, also a stepdaughter of the Italian statesman Minghetti and daughter of Donna Laura Minghetti who was highly respected in Roman society, traveling from Rome with her husband, Ambassador Bernhard von Bülow, on their way to meet with the Kaiser in Kiel, made a stop in Vienna staying with the Zehetbauer Family for three weeks. During this time AZ and Maria became close friends enjoying music and dance and discussing at great length the necessity to rid the world of vampires.

AZ could only remember the name of one vampire, a name his Sabbat Vampire Mistress spoke many times, Recka Wuyts. And so it was an order to destroy the vampire Recka Wuyts was sent out from the Vatican and the task delivered to Major RavensEye Fall, of The Swiss Guard.



The most powerful force in the universe to a vampire is pure faith. Ordinary people don’t have it. Angels do and humans who have gone mad, they have pure faith. A normal sane person has fear. Fear of death by evil in the form of a vampire, and the vampire can sense this fear, can feed it and by doing so overwhelm, then seduce the sane man or woman. But a man like AZ, who has gone mad and believes he has the spirit of The White Tiger residing in his soul, this man has no fear of vampires or anything else. This being the case he moves as if he were a powerful spirit. Believing makes it so and who is to say that The Spirit of The White Tiger does not reside in the heart and soul of Azwacto Zehetbauer? A voice in his head calls him Blutkatze and informs him on how, when and where to find then destroy the vampire Recka Wuyts.

Psychotics are very near genius in their ability to convince the sane that they are sane as well. AZ convinced Maria Anna to send a letter to her mother, Donna Laura, who had it forwarded to the Pope. AZ convinced his father that he was well and needed to return to Crossroads to finish the work he had begun; soon after he had arrived in Crossroads he convinced what he thought was a high born faerie to construct a Forged Chimera and create a spell that would cause a vampire to sleep for 1000 years. BloodCat did all of this and evaded the watchful eyes of Major RavensEye Fall and his raven scout, Raum.

On a peaceful night in December, 1897, The White Tiger Spirit known as Blutkatze made his way into the crypt of Recka Wuyts where he placed a Forged Chimera in the coffin of the vampire. Nobody saw him enter or leave and some hours later no one saw him return. Kneeling at the entrance to the crypt he chanted the words of the spell he had purchased.

This chimera, this spell was nothing more than a tourist curio. The high born fae, a snake oil salesman. To a normal sane man, a worthless trinket for children but in the hands of a believer, delivered with the conviction of a pure heart, it became a powerful tool that almost put a 600 year old, 8th Generation Vampire into torpor for many years. Blutkatze, had confounded the watchful eyes of a trained stalker and spy, then without an evil thought in his head AZ went home to Vienna where he married the miko and had five children.



Over the ensuing decades Azwacto Zehetbauer, returns to Crossroads many times a year to oversee the family freight business, which has become one of the main cargo companies delivering goods throughout Romania and western Prussia. He has never seen Recka Wuyts or Major RavensEye Fall, at least not that he can remember. When he visits, he does not leave his hotel room after dark. He never enters the tavern where he met Emi, or the Bistro where they dined. Azwacto does not, but Blutkatze does.

~ The End ~

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