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Ecnad Nation: A Visual Experience

by Netera Landar
Published January 13, 2013

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The first thing that comes to mind when one enters Ecnad Nation is that it’s like an island retreat. The beautiful setting has a Hawaiian feel to it with its central waterfall streaming into a tropical pond. Palm trees are a calming feature in this musical domain. Towering windows allow the landscape to be viewed in three directions. A large gray-black dance floor was designed for a big crowd of music lovers. The audience dresses both formal and casual.

At the helm of this new endeavor are EhuKini Resident and Rogatu. Kini is a former hostess turn business partner. She has a great sense of humor and is a social butterfly. Rogatu is polite and makes you feel at home.

What inspired them to create a venue goes back to the day they came in-world.

“When we were just a month or two old, we found ‘hunts.’ On one, we literally fell into the live music scene. For the next few months, we went to more and more shows, and added idle banter about ‘what it would take to have a place for music.’ ”

So they did their homework. Asked a lot of questions through networking and even had a little fun creating a venue with a touch of class.

“We actually started with nothing.  The first thing was to come up with a name, a logo and then a look for the venue,” explained Rogatu. “After that Kini did the scheduling and I did the tech stuff.”

They have “themed” events, which dictate the types of music they schedule. Kini feels this is a far better chance of cross-sectioning fan bases if the line-ups compliment one another.

“With the vast variety of music on the grid, we see room for many types. We have acoustic players, both original and cover artists, looper pedal players, singers, pianists, funk, blues, jazz, and lots more!” she said.

Their Grand Opening weekend featured four days and five to ten shows each day with 28 hours of live music. Four hundred and ninety-one visitors attended. Now their regular schedule features live shows three days a week with three to six shows each day.

They offer a modest tip to their performers, which will grow as the audience size increases.

“With an average of fifteen shows a week, it would be insanity at it’s finest to dive into 5K fees. At 15 shows, that’s 300+ USD a week. That is simply not possible.” Kini said. “We post events upon confirmation and utilize every promotional option we can possibly dream up. Rogatu makes artwork for each day’s line up which is posted on several other SIMS, Facebook and dished out through notices. During the Grand Opening events, Rog made tee shirts, and that artwork was put on the backs of Ecnad tees and given to every patron who graced our venue, creating a commemorative tee for ever visitor.”

Kini doesn’t see Ecnad as a competitive venue, but more of an addition to the fine musical offerings already established. Both owners want it to be viewed as a “dependable place for outstanding live music. A friendly place where musicians want to perform, patrons want to be and the entire atmosphere is fun with an outstanding sense of camaraderie that is Ecnad.”

Asked what makes the venue unique, Rogatu replied, “Ecnad is the home venue for RDVP, which is something we can offer to the musicians.   RDVP is a full service video production company.”


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