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Metaverse Space Station: Fashion Destination Pt. 1

by Kimani Silvercloud
Published January 16, 2013

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The Metaverse Satellite Station is a fantastic destination that houses an interesting collection of businesses and activities – from shopping and store browsing, to music, and coming soon… role play!  Throughout the next few posts, I will be highlighting these different stops on my tour of the Station.  Since we all know that I’m a hopeless shopaholic, that’s how I’ll begin my report.

One of the first stores you will encounter on your tour of the Metaverse Satellite Shopping Mall is !dM devious Minds.  This shop caters to burlesque fashion in Second Life, and offers a colorful array of garments beautifully crafted by Chandra Meehan, which are truly show-stopping.  It’s a must-see for anyone looking for “some giggles, smirks and burlesque seduction mingled with playfulness, bondage and a bit of magic.”

Continuing my exploration, I found myself coming to a stop at Lush | Limited.  Lush Limited is a urban-styled store that features designs with bright eye catching colors and urban shapes and cuts.  Xi CoCo Zane has managed to merge fabulous and funky in a way that few could resist!  Including me!  I just had to have one of her crop tops to use in my look for this week’s post, which you’ll see a little bit further down the page.

Men have not been left out in the Metaverse Satellite Shopping Mall, with striking looks available in Shiki.  Shinichi Mathy is a Japanese designer who first launched his men’s line in 2008, and later added a line of clothing for women.  His styles are unique and also have a bit of urban flair.  I know I’ll recommend these close to my male friends!

There are so many more retailers to explore in the mall, and I’m very excited about sharing them with you.  But for now, I put together a little look that I created from the shops I’ve visited on my tour, so take a look!  Make sure you TP to the Metaverse Satellite Station and create your own style!

Metaverse Satellite Station Styling

Skin: Glam Affair
Hair: Exile
Gold Top: Whippet and Buck
Tank: Lush | Limited
Skirt: LeeZu
Shoes: J’s
Earrings: Bellballs

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