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Rhythmic Isle: Music and More

by Netera Landar
Published January 25, 2013

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Rhiannon Yuhara’s biggest musical influence has been Stevie Nicks from Fleetwood Mac. You won’t experience a Rhiannon show without hearing one of Stevie’s popular covers.

“She’s incredible. Everything about her I love: her style, the way she wrote music, and I love her voice. She’s 64 years old and still out there making music,” noted Rhiannon in her Second Life home. “1978 was my year for going to concerts. I saw some really good ones back then. I saw Styx, Foreigner, but I didn’t get to see Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks. Every video that they have out, I’ve seen it or have it.”

For years, Rhiannon listened to her father’s extensive album collection. It led to her appreciation of music, especially Folk and Jazz.

“That’s how I learned about music from the 40’s. I love the Big Bands. There were some artists from the late 40′s and early 50′s that I loved listening to: Teresa Brewer and Connie Francis.  And I love Swing. I grew up with all that kind of stuff,” she said.

Rhiannon learned about Second Life when she was playing Facebook games. She saw an ad for 3D haunted houses and wondered where she heard of SL before. She remembered that CSI New York had done a whole segment on the virtual world. When she came in-world for the first time, she received a Linden house and watched SL TV. Shortly after, she set out to find where the featured musicians were. She was introduced to KevinBlue Oh through a mutual friend. He asked her if she’d be his hostess and later his manager.

“He was an excellent Bluesman and I loved him. He really left a mark on my life,” Rhiannon said. “His passing was tragic.”

Through collaborations with SL musicians, she “keeps it in the family,” as opposed to getting a generic track. Washedup Sideways, a polished musician, did a track of “Rhiannon” and “Moon Dance,” which is a Van Morrison cover. She doesn’t play any instruments so she’s limited to what she can perform. That’s why these tracks are special to her. She adores the song, “Rhiannon” and that’s how it became her avatar name.

Second Life has become her saving grace. It’s been a wonderful place for her to make friends, have a social life, and a vocation. She’s run three SL venues: Purple Haze, where she was in partnership with Retro and Raven.  Then she went on to Nudist Paradise, which her partner Ben owns (they’ve been together a year and a half now), located on Rhythmic Isle.  She met Ben while managing KevinBlue Oh. They also have another venue on the sim called Live Nation.

“That venue is different from Nudist Paradise. There’s no nudity. It’s all about the music there,” she said. “There are no shops, sploders or distractions. We created a venue for those people whose fan base wouldn’t want to come to a nudist venue.”  Ben and Rhiannon stated that they have had great success with Live Nation. It’s increased the traffic on the sim and they’ve gotten more tips.

It was their intention to have a Nudist sim from the beginning, as opposed to a sex sim. They constantly battle against the newbies who think otherwise.  Ben said that goes with the territory. The venue is an opportunity for people to learn about social nudity. There are a lot of sims that have cropped up since then, but Ben said he was the first one to introduce it. Nudist Paradise has been around since 2007.

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