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Metaverse Space Station: Fashion Destination Pt. 2

by Kimani Silvercloud
Published January 29, 2013

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Now, I’ve rounded the curve, and as promised in my last post, I’m going to look through the shops on the other side of the Metaverse Satellite Shopping Mall to see what treasures I can find.  If you are a marathon shopper, you will enjoy taking the time to browse through some of these stores, so I hope this little guide will help all of you who might need some guidance (I know – I like directories aplenty!).

The first store on this stretch of the tour is NYU by NyuNyu Kimono, a well-known name in fashion.  Right now this shop contains a variety of items: blouses, high-waist pants, dresses, and more!  It’s definitely a go-to place if you need everyday wear, or slightly dressier items for your wardrobe, whether you’re a role player with a respectable business woman character, or if you simply enjoy the finer things in-world. Blouses and high-waist pants are trending right now as well, so if you want to keep up with today’s fashions, this little shop is a must-see location.

The next stop on this expedition… Gempandas!  Created by the ultra-talented Ziggy21 Slade, Gempandas is a breedable that you’ll love to enjoy in your SL home, or wherever you hang out. A low-lag animation system ensures that you can enjoy one or more of these adorable creatures without the frustration that occurs with other products.  And, unlike many breedable pets, Gempandas only need a bowl of food to be kept happy and content, as the go traipsing around your home.

If you’ve tried other breedables and have been disappointed or are just looking for something different, GemPandas is sure to fit the bill.  Check out their website for more information:

If you’re planning to attend a grand SL event, or maybe you have big plans to celebrate Valentine’s Day, or even if you wish to dance the night away in elegant style, then you must visit the Azul store on the Metaverse Space Station.  With breathtaking creations by Mami Jewell, this high-end shop offers a variety of ball gowns and evening wear sure to please any SL socialite. Just as crucial as having that favorite “little black dress,” adding a really special gown in your inventory – one that you can throw on at a moment’s notice – is a must-have to satisfy any gal’s glamorous mood.  And Azul is the perfect place to visit and dress-up your virtual closet!

Let’s go shopping today, at the Metaverse Satellite Shopping Mall!  See you there!

Skin: Glam Affair
Hair: Magicka
Eyes: Ikon
Button Up: Mr. Poet
Cardigan: Medley (closed)
Pants: Boom
Shoes: Ingenue
Scarf: Mr. Poet

Décor: Vespertine, Floorplan, Nordari (closed), Lisp
Home: Emm Shop (closed)
Pose: Marukin

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