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This Is Not A Game | The Metaverse Tribune
Sunday, January 19th, 2020
This Is Not A Game

by Recka Wuyts
Published February 25, 2013

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I have a question: Is building, scripting and animating avatars for virtual worlds a game? I mean is it part of the game? Is Second Life a game? Is Open Sim Grid a game?

The dilemma for the virtual world communities is just this. Is it a game or what?
Halo is a game. Destiny, Call of Duty and there is an endless list of games. But what are virtual worlds? Is gathering with friends and listening to music, dancing your avatar around, or flirting and other such activities game scenarios?

This is the seed I began for this post.

Gogo over at  Juicy Bomb ask: What is Second Life?

What is Second Life to you? Is it a game, business platform, 3D chat room, virtual doll house, or all of the above?

There is one comment/answer you can read that here….http://juicybomb.com/2013/02/25/what-is-second-life/

This is something I have been talking about with my friends in SL.

When I ask a friend who uses SL as a business platform,”What are you doing for fun?” The answer was Call of Duty 2.

“What about SL?” I ask.


I wondered why. You can play similar action to CoD2 in a number of sims and you have more freedom to pursue different story lines in RP sims. You aren’t stuck with having to stay inside the walls as they say.

What is it? Is it that in SL there is the feeling you are more exposed. The closed game format does not show so much of who you are as a person. You hide behind a character that is determined for you, no choices to make that might give a hint to who you are as a person. In SL behavior becomes a point of contention. Not so much in CoD

Juicy’s commenter put it this way, ” It’s interesting – we can look like anything here – but our hearts shine through.”

Is this the feature or fact of Second Life that takes it out of the game room and makes it something else? That our hearts shine through.



  • Joe Nickence

    SL is more of a social platform like Facebook, or Google+. People that come to SL looking for gaming have to actively search for RPG sims. CoD is something I’m starting to refer to as a “hand holding” game. You power it up, and it tells you what needs to be done. SL doesn’t do that. It never has. To use SL effectively, you need to interact with people, not NPCs.

  • leeylah912

    I do not think virtual worlds are a game they hold real peoples feelings.

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