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Welcome To My InWorldZ | The Metaverse Tribune
Tuesday, June 2nd, 2020
Welcome To My InWorldZ

by Metaverse Press
Published March 6, 2013

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The Tribune would like to introduce our new Inworldz Reporter:  Ravenman.

Hi. My name is Ravenman. I have been in InWorldz since 2010 and I gotta say, “I  like it.” Oh sure it had it’s crashes in the beginning, and now there are less but it still does sometimes but what grid doesn’t? And I think its a good thing its not big as SL. Not being big has it advantages; low to no lag, bigger spaces to work with, and quicker frame per seconds times.

They still have mentors there and they are very active with the new people as well as the people who’ve been in IWZ for awhile.  I chatted with one of the co-founders Elenia Llewellyn (InWorldz name) – Beth Reischl, and I asked her about copy botting. She told me both the owners, Legion Hienrichs (InWorldz name) – John Arnoldeand and Tranquillity Dexler (InWorldz name) – David Daeschle and staff are aware of the problem it could create but at the moment copy botting isn’t a factor and if it ever looks like it may become one they will stop it before it gets a chance to spread.

Now for designers IXZ it is a good deal, there is no upload fee and you can transfer lindens to IWZ currency for free.

If you’re splitting your time between SL and IWZ like I do it will save you some money IWZ. You don’t have to invest lots of RL $ IWZ, if for example you’re not gonna be IWZ as often as SL.

If you have not been to IWZ for awhile you should give it an 2nd chance. I have and I can tell you, you will see it improved.

One thing I like is there is no gambling which is great; no zyngo! Which is good thing, because it gets to what IWZ is about, enjoying your time there and having fun. I am handicapped so both grids give me a great chance to do what I wanna do and be who I wanna be.

This may not be big to some people but to some people it is, in IWZ they have last names instead of that “Resident” last name thing. I suggest the same name for both IWZ and SL as well as everywhere in the Metaverse, it would make it easier to login that way and remember everybody’s name.

BTW did you know InWorldz is the most popular grid, besides SL?  Maria Korolov, at the newspaper, Hypergrid Business said in her article,  OpenSim grids still adapting to mesh, “With more than 6,000 active users as of mid-February, InWorldz has more active users as the next eight most active grids combined.”

So, come back to InWorldZ. Explore beautiful regions, shop for your avatar, meet new avatars to hang out with, or discover your own talents with your own region to build your dreams!

Become a pioneer and help shape the world YOU want, join today, it’s free!


  • Justin Meyer

    Inworldz simply Rocks!

  • http://twitter.com/BirchWindIW Birch Wind

    I love it. I moved from SL – almost exclusively at IW now. Going back to SL feels strange now, those times when I do go back. The past few weeks the online user numbers have almost doubled I’ve noticed. Really enjoying it. Good people, amazing prices — definitely where I want to spend my inworld time.

  • Rita Rocco

    Well i must dissapoint you .. only yesterday i was in IW and a mentor told me indeed there was no issue with copybotting, because as she told me the copybot viewers where blocked …. So i relogged and searched for a copybot viewer and logged back in…. and i said, seee i a in again with a copy bot viewer….. she was suprized, said well you can not copy or take things out ….. Wrong i did it all infront of them ….. There is no way to stop coppybotting…… and if they say it is not an issue they might be wrong, because people did leave IW because of copybotting….. IW might be a nice grid, but when it comes to copybotting it is the same as other grids… so designers watch ure stuff !!!

  • leeylah912

    @ritarocco:disqus yes I very much have to agree with you on this, I am a big content creator in SL and just recently came to inworldz and found avatars with my creations that I have not even imported yet in to inworldz on them. This was very upsetting as I do spend a lot of time creating my skins for SL. I did file an abuse report but have yet to hear back, I also did ask the mentors on the main rezzing island but they are pretty much useless they told me that it’s impossible that copybotting is even possible in there but I know these products are mine!!! If they handle the abuse ticket properly I will be happy but so far not even a response. I really think they need to honker down on this type of thing I know it’s hard but something does have to be done, This did also happen to me in another grid called Avination however within 1 hour it was all fixed by the grid owner! Going now on 2 days waiting for a response from inworldz.

    Now on a positive note I must say the performance at inworldz is outstanding! It is very much like SL, hopefully soon they will have physics with vehicles!

  • Paythe Magic

    Ravenman, unfortunately I can not agree with your article.

    Copybotting is stil a big topic and it’s proven several times that on Inworldz you will find a lot of copybotted items like Animations, Plants, Structures and so on.

    Regarding the pricing there are a lot of grids which are still cheaper and DO care about the copyrights of the content (i.e. Avination, 3rdRock …)

    I visited Inwordz several times now and was thinking about to expand my business there, but what can I do? 80% of LSL standard scripts don’t run there or (which is more worse) crash the entire region. And regarding the copybotting i simply have to say: Sorry, but my creations are to precious to be copied by others.

    As reporter of an independent online news you should be objective and point also on the “dark side” of this grid.

  • Rita Rocco

    Halleluja….. After posting this article with comments on my facebook account my account was closed, Censorship ????? of course…. I was harming a bussiness and THAT is not alowed on facebook ( so was said ) . People complained… Obviously people cannot deal with the truth…. IW is great … IW is super… Great performance, and NOOOOO copybotting….. This had been prooven wrong.. Even the physics do not work… they have to start all over again… I am angry yes and why? Because i think it is wrong to make someones facebook account closed only because they do not like the comments… This is how IW is showing herself … only the good replies so people will not know what is really going on. And most people are blind, they are like sheep and follow the master….. I just wanted to say this…. and probabaly this will also not be posted… Because who knows , maybe someone will read and start thinking… That is a too big of a risk…… isn’t it ????

  • http://twitter.com/EleniaLlewellyn Elenia

    Rita Rocco

    My apologies, if a mentor told you that, it would be completely wrong. As for copybotting, we are registered as DMCA Safe Harbor and all DMCA’s are dealt with very quickly. We do have a 2 strike rule. We realize many people buy things or are given XML’s by friends around the metaverse and not realize they have in fact violated someone’s copyright. If we get too many DMCA’s in a fast round from different creators, then they end up banned.

    As for FaceBook, we have no hand in that. FB has it’s own rules and policies and people can report people over the silliest things to get them removed. Doesn’t make a lot of sense to me personally as we support the #NymWars

  • RavenmanSkwer

    this is RavenmanSkwer in sl sorry i just saw this been rl sick rather you hate or love my article i am glad it is being talked about and anyone feel free to im me or nc me with u concerns

  • RavenmanSkwer

    what i am doing is interviewing the owner of inworldz and i took down all you concerns and i will ask that person about the concerns u all have

  • http://www.facebook.com/eric.jones.921677 Eric Jones

    well the fact is INworldz founders are Cyber thugs with a gang . The mentors abuse you in the forums then are rewarded by Elenia. She is such a power freak I never seen a group of people run so many nice people off.

    Tranq could care less and pretty much let most people know he don’t care and legion just get’s quite. they throw away people everyday.
    yes the thugs. Join and be abused By there Alt’s . Have your ideas stolen and used against you. And Know the founders back that gang every day. 70,000 users now and 150 online. do you all get it the place is not a nice place to go to.

  • http://www.facebook.com/eric.jones.921677 Eric Jones

    70,000 users 126 online at 8pm last night Elenia you all don’t get it. your rude behavior has run the market off. when are you going to get in the car go to the bank and leave the residents to there life. when are you going to stop letting your Mentors harass people. and every copybot viewer does what it will do.
    And the fact is there is no way around it. if the viewer tells the grid it’s name is joe blow the grid then looks for a hand shake by joe blow.
    The name of that mentor was honey chicken the one that shows her back side.
    I laughed she is telling me this and i trouble shoot and develop viewers.

  • GJCR Creations

    I have been a Resident of Inworldz for 4yrs, all my LSL scripts run perfectly fine & if there ever has been a script problem, due to an upgrade, The Founders & co, do all they can do to get those scripts running for you again. Building in Inworldz is Creators Dream, which is why we have so many Fantastic Artists coming to InWorldz. If there are grid problems, they fix them, asap. In 4yrs I can count on one hand the number of times I have been locked out because Technical problems with the grid. In the 3yrs I was in SL I was locked out weekly why they bashed on things (and broke them worse). As for copybotting, every grid has its share, but at least in Inworldz we have Founders who care & handle things appropriatly.

    I reside in Inworldz, simply because its the best. The Residents are friendly, we have great, helpful community. It isnt all bout the Money in IW ppl Care…

    Rosa Dagostino

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